Month: February 2017

A Whole New World… Lit Teacher

The 2016-17 school year has been a wild ride for sophomore world literature students. After former teacher Jennie Green’s abrupt mid-semester retirement, a varying lineup of substitutes, and a semester full of Greek mythology, Dr. Holly Isserstedt is here to save the day. Isserstedt will be the permanent teacher for the five classes left teacherless […]

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Science Teachers and Students Rise Up to Take On New Challenges

Chamblee seems a little understaffed yet again as some seniors and juniors start the new semester in different teachers’ classrooms in light of science teacher Tamera Hunter’s transfer to another school, but the science department has come together to ensure that all students receive instruction. Hunter transferred at the end of the fall semester, but […]

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Chamblee Students March on Washington — and Atlanta

On January 21, millions of people marched in Washington D.C. and in sister marches across the world to show that “women’s rights are human rights”, as well to support other marginalized groups and to protest the election of President Donald Trump. Chamblee students participated in both the D.C. and Atlanta marches. Sophomore Stella Demer attended […]

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