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The Hidden Poetry of Google Translate

Ethan Rotnem, Editor-in-chief

October 23, 2018

Filed under Viewpoints

Most people might think that Google Translate has only one usage: to translate phrases from one language to another. And while that is arguably its most important function, there lies inside a more clandestine usage, one which ha...

Ed Sheeran Is Not a Winner

Ed Sheeran Is Not a Winner

February 25, 2018

Elevator Works

Ethan Rotnem, Editor-in-chief

March 25, 2017

Filed under Satire

Chamblee High School has seen it all: fires, tornadoes, violent threats -- the works. Its students have learned to expect and prepare for these events in advance, for they’re bound to happen at some point or another. But o...

Markeal King Flies High Above the Expectations

Ethan Rotnem, Editor-in-chief

September 2, 2016

Filed under Features, Pieces

There is a lot more to Markeal King, a new paraprofessional here at Chamblee, than meets the eye. He holds a relatively low-profile job. Most people around the school probably only know him by face, or more likely, by his he...