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Chenthuran Abeyakaran

Staff member Abeyakaran Lives the Academic Life

by Jack Bennett

New staff member Chenthuran Abeyakaran brings with him an illustrious academic record: he solved an unsolved math problem over the summer.

It may sound like something straight out of Matt Damon’s movie Good Will Hunting, but this isn’t fiction. Abeyakaran entered the summer looking for a college professor that could mentor him or give him some experience. He found an Emory professor named Ken Ono.

Ono showed him an unsolved math problem and equipped him with the best, most modern mathematics technology available. Abeyakaran was able to solve the problem, one that had stumped some of the smartest people at Emory and the world. Now, his mental prowess has been added to the journalism staff.

He joined the staff in order to contribute editorials about current events, especially the upcoming political season. His previous accomplishments should allow him to contribute high quality articles on a weekly basis.

In the long run, Abeyakaran wants to use his advanced math skills to major in applied math with a focus of economics. Although it is a ways off, he looks at investment banking as a very attractive and plausible career path.