The Blue & Gold

Ethan Rotnem

Exemplary Ethan and his Temporary Teeth

by Marley Brock

On the surface, sophomore Ethan Rotnem is your average overachieving high schooler. He gets good grades, does all the extra credit he can find, and stays out of trouble. Outside (and inside) of school, he likes to play the violin and keep in touch with friends from his pre-magnet life.

Rotnem is excited to work on the newspaper this year. The class fits well with his interests.

“I like to stay updated on what’s happening in the world,” Rotnem said, “and I’m better at writing than drawing or art.”

That’s all very nice. But what we really want to hear about are his teeth.

Rotnem’s mouth contains the expected 32 teeth. What you don’t expect, however, are the two porcelain incisors in the front of his mouth. The fakes are filling in gaps while he waits for his jaw to develop enough for permanent implants.

His temporary teeth do their job well, except for one thing: they have an unfortunate tendency to fall out of his mouth at incredibly inconvenient times.

When asked if Rotnem’s fake teeth are conspicuous, his good friend Alice Bai shook her head. “You can kind of see where they don’t go into his gums,” she said, “but not really.”