2022-2023 SGA officers Lauren Hill (23), Ryan Lovejoy (23), Matthew Emde (23), Temple Lester (25), Addie Weekly (25), and Jonathan Sneh (25)
Upcoming School Year Calls for New SGA Representatives
Mallory Reid, Staff Writer • May 19, 2022

As the school year comes to a close, one important event takes place that decides the future leaders of Chamblee. Student Government elections take place every school year in which students vote for representatives...

A redacted screenshot taken by The Blue & Gold of a spreadsheet revealing sensitive student information, one of countless files made widely accessible by the district
Insufficient Data Security and Disregard for Student Data Privacy Plague the DeKalb County School District
Keegan Brooks, Editor • May 5, 2022

The DeKalb County School District has been making thousands of files containing sensitive student and staff information widely accessible to anyone in the district.  Types of information exposed have...

Mural of Medusa, black and white, against a tiled wall of yellow and red
A Look at Sexual Assault at Chamblee
Kaylee Powell, Staff Writer • May 2, 2022

Trigger Warning: This article discusses sexual assault [SA] and the section titled “Student Stories” discusses rapes of students. Please proceed with caution if you find topics like this triggering....

Kyla Maloney
Kyla Maloney’s Splash of Success
Luiza Douglas, Staff Writer • May 12, 2022

Kyla Maloney (‘22) has left a true legacy at Chamblee as she prepares to graduate this year. Maloney won state swimming for Chamblee her freshman year. In addition, she would go on to win relays and the 200 freestyle, the 200 being a 4 lap race in an...