Taylor Swift in an undated photo released to announce her Errors Tour.

Question Surround Launch of Taylor Swift’s “Errors” Tour

April 24, 2023

It might be hyperbole to say someone has "broken the internet" when they post something outrageous, but pop star Taylor Swift literally broke the internet earlier this week when tickets went on sale for...

Former CHS running back Chad Dangles attempting to score on a group of red devils. RIP Chad.

Red Devils Massacre Bulldogs, Add CHS Souls to Dark Army

November 14, 2022
"Coach had prepared us to defend against a nickel defense,. But these guys had pitchforks!"
Artistic rendition of New Jerseys condition under the ownership of Chamblee Football

Chamblee Football Buys New Jersey, Not New Jerseys

Toby Russell, Editor October 20, 2022

With the new football season dawning upon us, Bulldog football went shopping for new equipment in order to dominate the competition this year. With last season’s success, the gear took quite a beating,...

Candy Crush graphic with swedish fish, hard candies, and a title New levels coming soon!

How my Candy Crush Addiction Destroyed my Life

Samantha Booher, Reporter April 27, 2022

When most kids get their first iPod, usually all they use it for is texting their parents (only when on WiFi, of course) and playing stupid STUPID video games. To most kids, playing video games doesn't...

The Cheese Rolling Festival in Gloucester, England

Cheese Rolling and More: Chamblee Needs Wacky Competitions

Toby Russell, Editor April 20, 2022

Not everyone is a track star or a football legend. Traditional sports and competitions offered by the school are simply not numerous enough to satisfy the competitive urges of everyone in the student body....

Ice cream

Top 10 Ice Cream Spots in Chamblee

Thomas Rice, Editor April 1, 2022

Everybody loves ice cream, so let’s get down to the question everybody’s been asking: What are the best spots for ice cream in Chamblee? We’re gonna answer that question right here in this article....

A recently decorated catacomb classroom

German Classes Moved to Catacombs Under the School

Toby Russell, Editor April 1, 2022

Chamblee High School faces a very real and pressing problem. And no, it’s not the obscenely high meth usage numbers or even the industrial oil drilling on the practice field. The school lacks classroom...

Is there a Frisbee even being thrown? Is it just my imagination?

Imaginary Frisbee Team Dreaming of a Perfect Season

Fred Avett, Adviser April 1, 2022

If the first half of the season is any indication, the first year of Chamblee High's new imaginary Frisbee team may be its best ever. The co-ed team, which had its humble beginning as an idea last year,...

Room 3126’s inhabitants pose for a photo

Chamblee’s Creepy, Crawly Creatures Have Gotten Cozy

Sirianna Blanck, Editor-in-chief April 1, 2022

Chamblee High has quite the large student body, almost 2,000 students and numerous creepy, crawly inhabitants. These bugs may be constantly on their way out, due to Chamblee’s persistent custodial staff,...

Mrs. Karen Smiths dream classroom

CHS Students Swept Away, Garnes Blamed

Allison Lvovich, Staff Writer April 1, 2022

Recently, Chamblee’s administration has been punishing students who aren’t in their class on time by using the infamous “hallway sweeps.” These hallway sweeps have proved to be questionable, as...

WWE recruitment table

WWE Scouts Replace Military Recruitment

Kaylee Powell, Staff Writer April 1, 2022

After two years of virtual school, it’s about time Chamblee gets back to it’s old traditions of blood drives, international night, and military recruitment day. “I did military recruitment day...

Chamblees parking problem

The Infamous Parking Predicament

Samantha Booher, Reporter April 1, 2022

Just a few years ago, Chamblee completed a large renovation that added more classroom space, but one huge mistake was made during the reonvation that has negatively impacted the school population. There...

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