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5 Reasons that Stardew Valley Is My Favorite Game Right Now

Toby Russell, Editor February 3, 2023

There are many different types of video games. Open-world games, first-person shooters, single-player story games, platformers-- the list goes on. I’ve played many of these, but there’s one category...

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Why I Quit ______

Lyvia Huang, Reporter December 31, 2022

Starting from when I was about 3, my parents enrolled me in various extracurricular classes so that I could find something I was passionate about and interested in – and maybe to discover if I were...

Oh, You Dont Know About the Maillard Reaction?

Oh, You Don’t Know About the Maillard Reaction?

Hannah Choy, Reporter December 19, 2022

Have you ever taken a bite of bread and savored the nutty, browned, complex notes of its flavor profile? Or perhaps bit into a juicy burger that had a nice charred crust on it? Both of these experiences...

An ode to the people who changed my life

An ode to the people who changed my life

Coco Bradford, Editor December 16, 2022

To my childhood best friend, for finding and changing who you are with time, with no regrets, and blessing me with knowing who that is. To my favorite person, for caring about what matters to you and...

How seven songs can be made into a masterpiece; my ranking of songs in Montell Fish’s new EP

How seven songs can be made into a masterpiece; my ranking of songs in Montell Fish’s new EP

Amalee McWaters, Reporter December 7, 2022

The musician Montell Fish is a true artist, with the release of his album JAMIE and single "Hotel," his popularity rose. The album JAMIE was the first of a four-album series Fish is releasing describing...

My Top Five Favorite Snacks/Frozen Foods From Trader Joe’s

Mallory Reid, Reporter December 1, 2022

Trader Joe's is (in)famous for having a wide variety of unique snacks and frozen foods that you wouldn’t find at your typical grocery store. They have everything from pickle chips to fried olive bites...

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Marching Band is the Most Character Building Activity In High School and Here’s Why

Matéo Hunter, Reporter November 30, 2022

The moment I stepped foot in the doors of Chamblee High School, I was welcomed by warm, open hands. I remember being not only excited but scared to try something new entering high school. Marching band...

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Feeling Stressed? Me Too. Here are Some Ways to Unwind!

Hannah Choy, Reporter November 28, 2022

Talking to my peers, it seems that many are currently in the same situation of feeling overwhelmingly stressed, especially among upperclassmen (shocker, I know). This universal experience of stress can...

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Heritage, Fashion, and Innovation: A Traveler’s Guide to South Korea

Rasesh Joshi, Reporter November 15, 2022

If you are anything like me, you love traveling the world and having experiences from across the globe. Every place has its own beauty. However some locations are more worthwhile to visit than others....

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The 10 Most Undeservingly Underrated Taylor Swift Songs

Emmy Williams, Editor November 11, 2022

Taylor Swift is one of the most popular artists of this generation, and while her music is very beloved, many songs of hers have been overlooked. This can be attributed both to the sheer gravity of certain...

The Life of the Party—”Death of a Party Girl”’s Top 5

The Life of the Party—”Death of a Party Girl”’s Top 5

Lauren Cisewski, Reporter November 9, 2022
Perhaps the album’s only constant is the universal quality of the tracks.

Artemis and the Future of Space Exploration

Rasesh Joshi, Reporter November 7, 2022

NASA’s highly promising Artemis Program of space flight missions has captivated the world with its trailblazing goals and innovative designs. The Artemis program's purpose is to resume Moon exploration...

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