Seamus Martin, Carson Ankeny, and James Hardy (21) at Freedom Park following Joe Bidens victory.

2020 Visions: So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye [END]

[Editor's note: And thus, with the following article, our four-part '2020 Visions' series draws to a close: a series as lengthy as it is turbulent, but one that captures the year 2020 nonetheless. Thank...

COVID-safe quarantine photoshoot on the steps at Perimeter Mall’s parking deck; featuring Nolan Kurtzer (21), Nic Yen (21), and Henry Diep (21)

2020 Visions: A Precarious Purgatory [August – November 3]

[Editor's note: Students were interviewed for the following in October, just before the 2020 Election. Though often speculative in nature, many of the election-related quotes featured here capture important...

Chamblees Math Team officers attempt to make a heart over Zoom for Ms. Tulchinsky, who left Chamblee over the summer.

2020 Visions: Controlled Chaos [March – July]

[Editor's note: The following article belongs to a four-part series about the year 2020. For other installments, see here.] “I was studying for my test that I thought we were going to have when I...

Chamblee students during a class change from the third to fourth floor.

2020 Visions: Looking Back on an Unforgettable Year [January – March]

[Adviser's note: For this project, each student in Journalism I and II interviewed a handful of Chamblee Charter High School students, asking them all the same set of questions developed by the editorial...

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