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The Final Pirouette

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The Final Pirouette

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Anna Folger, a senior and this school year’s homecoming queen, has been doing something she loves for the past six years: dancing. Ballet, tap, jazz, and any other type of dance you can think of Folger executes.

Folger is part of a highly intensive dance studio called The Dance Center at Vista Grove, and has dedicated countless hours of her time to excelling in her dance career.

“I dance because I need to. For years I found myself stumbling through life not knowing how to fully be ‘me,’ ” said Folger.

Dance is a way for Folger to free herself as well as showcase her artistry and athleticism. Each year her dance studio puts on a show called “Christmas with Hans Christian Anderson”. She had a solo in the show and was featured in several various performances. Along with putting on this show every year, her dance company earned the entertainment challenge award at IDC (International Dance Challenge).

“I’ve gone to Christmas with Hans Christian Anderson for the past four years and I love it. It’s such a great show and I love supporting Anna,” said senior Deanna Lalo, a close friend of Folger.

Achieving awards and performing three shows a year does not come easy for Folger. Her dance instructor Coby Richardson is highly skilled and expects nothing but the best from her students. Folger does not ever skip a rehearsal or show up late to class.

“I believe Anna is truly dedicated to her dance career. She always puts in maximum effort, which is why I selected her to teach a few dance classes to some of the younger kids at my studio,” said Richardson.

On top of teaching these classes, she has dance classes five days a week, three hours a day, but in preparation for upcoming competitions, she dances six times a week, and sometimes up to six hours on weekends. Sometimes she has two ballet classes in one day or one tap and one jazz class. Variety is something Folger is comfortable with and likes having when it comes to dance.

Somehow, Folger manages to balance dance classes, teaching little kids, school, and a social life.

“I don’t sleep very often. You have to have a lot of self control and make sure you get down to business. Make use of the time that you do have,” said Folger.

Folger has traveled around Georgia for dance competitions and has even been to Florida to dance. Two years ago she was selected to join her studio’s elite dance troupe. This troupe included two of her closest dance friends, who now attend Clemson University and University of North Georgia.  

Although this summer will be her last performance with her dance studio, it isn’t the end of her dance career. Just like many of her close friends she has grown up dancing with, she will attend college in the fall. She wants to continue dancing but does not intend on becoming a professional dancer.

“I am hoping to continue taking classes, and maybe join a group or dance team on campus in college,” said Folger.  

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