The Blue & Gold

Alice Bai

Sophomore Has Plans for Well-Rounded Year

by Jake Busch

The Chamblee Charter High School journalism class for the 2016-17 school year is packed with a group of promising new staffers, including one eager to grow as a writer.

Sophomore Alice Bai is excited for the year ahead in journalism.

“I didn’t buy the newspaper last year, but I want to get in on all the happenings,” said Bai, who is an avid note-taker — a habit that will prove extremely useful as she transitions into the newspaper scene at CCHS.

Bai also hopes to get more into writing and communicating with others through the newspaper.

“I like writing, but never really do it on my own,” said Bai. “This class also forces me to talk to more people.”

In her free time, Bai enjoys journaling and keeps a “bullet journal” in which she can doodle, write, and plan.

Outside of the classroom, Bai is participating in cross country and will do mock trial for a second year.

“I was a witness in mock trial last year, which was a lot of acting, but I want to be a lawyer this year,” said Bai.