The Blue & Gold

Caitlin Jeffers

Jeffers Joins Journalism

by Kaylin Kirk

Caitlin Jeffers, a junior at Chamblee High School, is currently enrolled in Fred Avett’s Journalism course. She is seeking to pursue a career in photojournalism, which is writing an article off the basis of an image.

“It’s kind of like National Geographic,” she said.

Majoring in this area would allow her to fulfill her passion for traveling.

“I’ve never been out the country,” she said, “but I really want to go.”

From popular tourist spots to isolated Amish towns, every location is incorporated in a trip. A small tattoo of a hot air balloon on her wrist is how she plans to symbolize this passion in the near future.

Currently, her job is at her step mom’s small health food store called Nuts and Berries. She has three siblings and two precious canines, Merlin and Zee.

Planning to continue her high school career at Chamblee, she hopes to contribute great ideas to the school paper this year.