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Marley Brock

Marley Brock Shakes Up the Expectations

by Ethan Rotnem

Marley Brock is a household name around Chamblee Charter High School. She’s known for being very studious and for being extremely kind to the people she knows. Many people in her grade know just a few simple facts about the sophomore, such as the fact that she does ballet, or that she plays cello. These facts, as with any person, only scratch the surface of her intricate personality. Marley is of mixed Japanese and American descent. Marley’s mother is a 3rd-generation Japanese-American.

“My father is white and Southern, and that’s about it,” said Brock.

These two differing parts of her heritage serve well in creating a very refined and unique person. After all, she has taken ballet lessons for 12 years — that’s about as refined as you can get. Recently, though, she has grown weary of ballet, and she would like to quit soon. This is fine, as it will allow her to pursue other passions such as cello or reading, which she does not have much time for at the moment. Another passion of hers is writing, and this passion is precisely why she joined journalism in the first place. She needed to have an elective in order to ward off taking P.E. for one more year, so she combined her love of words and her opinionated mindset and decided to take journalism. She thinks it will be a great fit.