The Blue & Gold

Jack Bennett

Journalism a Dream Come True for Editor Jack Bennett

by Chenthuran Abeyakaran

Journalism had always held allure for Jack Bennett, even before he was in high school.

His older sister was a member of the Blue and Gold staff five years before he was, and he thought it seemed intriguing, finding the news around school and presenting it to rest of the student body.

Bennett was further inspired to join Journalism upon watching the renowned investigative journalists Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, who were perhaps most famous for their reporting of the infamous Watergate scandal.

Since joining the Blue and Gold staff last year, Bennett has contributed with his skills as a writer. He prides himself on his ability to convey the intended message in a clear and orderly fashion.

Over the past year, however, he has also strengthened his abilities as a journalist and himself as a person.

Along the way, Bennett has learned to make his writing more engaging, regardless of his interest in the subject at hand. He has also learned about helping people open up more during interviews, gleaning important information from students and teachers that would otherwise be cast aside as trivial.