The Blue & Gold

Kaylin Kirk

Meet Kaylin Kirk

by Caitlin Jeffers

Kaylin Kirk is a junior here at Chamblee for the 2016-2017 school year. She’s in journalism working on the school’s newspaper, the Blue & Gold, as a reporter, and she’s taking in everything one leap at a time.

“I like writing and took creative writing with Mr. Avett last year. When I saw there was journalism, I decided, why not? And we get to write the school’s newspaper. That’s pretty cool,” said Kirk, on why she joined the Chamblee newspaper staff.

Kaylin then gave some information about her hobbies and interests outside of school. With the load of schoolwork she has for her junior year, there’s no doubt she would need something to distract her from the hectic high school life.

“I do [ballet and modern] dance outside of school and watch Netflix a lot, but that’s pretty much it. My favourite show is probably The Office,” Kirk admits. “I’m also in band; I play the flute. I don’t have any pets, and only one brother. I think if I did have a pet, I would get a teacup pig. They’re so cute!”

With the junior year throwing all-nighters, homework that weighs a ton, and an influx of 200 or more students from Cross Keys High School, Kaylin Kirk is thankful for the down time and relaxation she gets when she gets home every day.