Students Offer Different Perspective on Coming Election

Chamblee is a very diverse school; it holds students from all ethnicities, backgrounds, and religions.

So, naturally, this diverse student body holds many different opinions about who the winner should be of the coming election. Students at Chamblee are very outspoken, and can be found supporting Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, or anyone in between.

Junior Jacqueline Jordan believes that Hillary Clinton is the best choice for president.

“I support Hillary Clinton because she is far more competent than Donald Trump is, she’s had more experience, and she’s more qualified. Donald Trump is a terrible businessman — he’s a terrible person!” said Jordan. “He’s bigoted and selfish in so many ways. He’s on trial for [his business venture] Trump University, and he says awful stuff and doesn’t apologize!”

Sara Lawrence, a sophomore, is a huge supporter of Hillary Clinton, for the same reasons.

“I’m supporting Hillary Clinton — it’s really the obvious choice, because, don’t get me started on Donald Trump and how terrible of a candidate he is. He’s ignorant, he’s racist, he’s homophobic, he’s xenophobic, everything you wouldn’t want in a president! A president needs to be able to acknowledge everyone in a country, and not just the white majority!” said Lawrence. “Hillary Clinton, she has her flaws too, because she has plans, but she doesn’t enact a lot of them.”

Kaim Welcher, a senior, feels that Clinton is the only choice — again, mostly because of Donald Trump’s supposed ineptitude.

“I will support Hillary Clinton. Simply put, I don’t even like Hillary Clinton, but Donald Trump is just a fool,” said Welcher. “The thing is, I actually relate with Donald Trump, and I like his personality. But I can’t agree [with] what he’s fighting for. I think he discriminates against too many people to possibly be able to run all of us effectively.”

Rosa Wardlow, a senior, already voted and not only spoke about her presidential choice, but her other choices on the ballot as well.

“I voted for Hillary Clinton,  and I didn’t know a whole lot about the other things on the ballot, [so] I voted for everything that was Democratic,” said Wardlow. “I voted ‘no’ for the school thing [amendment one] because it would take power away from the counties and could cause a lot of trouble. There was one for pre-existing taxes on fireworks going to burn victims [amendment four], [and] I voted yes for that one.”

There are quite a few students here that support GOP nominee Donald Trump. Though many had strong opinions about the subject, few expressed those profusely without the cloak of anonymity. Others supported him only lukewarmly.

Dixon Hall, a junior, believes that Trump may be the better choice.

“In the beginning, I supported Marco Rubio, because Trump is very eccentric in a lot of negative ways, but my economic and social policies do tend to more agree with Trump than Hillary,” said Hall. “But, he’s just — I’m not a big fan of him.”

Alex Miretsky, also a junior, supports Trump in the same way.

“Trump and Hillary are both terrible choices. Trump looks like Darth Cheeto, alright, and Hillary has been in a crime [scene] for the past 30 years. Her husband is also just as bad,” said Miretsky. “Out of the two, I guess Trump, but it doesn’t really matter.”

An anonymous sophomore had a lot to say on the matter.

“I don’t like Hillary, just because she is a liar. The biggest thing [is] I don’t find her trustworthy on anything that she says, just because she’s lied so much in the past, and she covers up everything she does,” said the source. “Read!”

There were also some people who wanted nothing to do with either candidate.

Bennett Solomon, a sophomore, supports Green Party candidate Jill Stein.

“I like her policies, and I think cleaning up the environment is very important, and that should be a top priority. She’s Green Party, so she’s down with that,” said Solomon. “And, she’s better than the other three.”

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