Old Friends Bring New Teacher to CCHS

Sara Turmel with her baby. Photo Courtesy of Sara Turmel.

After taking a year ‘off’ of teaching for maternity leave, biology and physics teacher Sara Turmel has joined the Chamblee Charter High School staff. Previously, Turmel taught physics at fellow DeKalb school, Cedar Grove High School. While at Cedar Grove, Turmel received her master’s degree from Georgia State University, which is how she heard about Chamblee.

“I got my Masters with Dr. Wagner and Ms. Pascale [who also teach at CCHS],” said Turmel. “They told me what a wonderful school Chamblee is and I couldn’t resist the opportunity [to work here]!”

Outside of teaching, Turmel loves watching and playing sports. In her free time, you can find her with her family doing various activities.

“I play with my baby,” said Turmel. “We love to swim, bike and explore new places.”

Turmel has many different activities planned for the year. One of her favorite teaching memories is a project she did with her physics students at Cedar Grove.

“My physics students 3D printed roller coasters they designed,” said Turmel. “We had a theme park day complete with snacks. It was so exciting to see what crazy rides they came up with.”

Overall, Turmel seems excited for the year and cannot wait to get to know her students.

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