Back To School COVID-Style


Photo courtesy of Millie Gotsch

Journalism students learn safely in a classroom.

Ashika Srivastava, Editor

The time has finally come for our Chamblee students, teachers, and staff to return to school. After over a year of virtual school, computer screens, and excessive eye strain, we have come back to some sense of normality. It feels good to finally be able to walk down the Chamblee halls again, talk to my teachers, and socialize with my peers — even the random ones I see in the hallways. And as a senior, I’m really very grateful that we can be in-person one last time before leaving for college next year.

Nevertheless, while I’m happy that we are able to safely return to the building, I’d like to take the time to review a few random COVID and non-COVID related rules that we all should keep in  mind. Some of us (including myself) may have forgotten what it was like to actually attend school in a school building, some may not have ever been in the building before, and others probably don’t care enough to follow any rules anyway (shoutout to my rebels). So I hope this serves as a reminder and maybe even a wake-up call so we can all stay safe and stay in school.

Mask Etiquette

How to wear a face mask correctly. (Photo courtesy of Olmsted Medical Center)

I know that we’re all tired of wearing masks and covering those beautiful faces of ours, but COVID doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, so neither will those sneaky pieces of cloth. Wear your mask so that it covers your nose (that little thing on your face with the breathing holes) and your mouth at all times. This might sound crazy, but air particles can actually travel more easily into your body if your nose and mouth are exposed. And if you see a friend with an improperly worn mask, ask them nicely to fix it.

Socializing 101

Personally, after spending so much time staring at black screens and a teacher on Zoom calls all day, I’d forgotten what it was like to be in a classroom and actually have to interact with others. During virtual school, I was always muted, with my video off, and wearing different versions of pajamas that I had built up a collection of. Now, I had to get up every day, brush away the old spiderwebs out of my barely used closet, and put together coherent sentences to communicate with my teachers and peers.

For my fellow introverts who thrived during quarantine and are scared to be surrounded by so many people, try your best. I’m not saying to become the most outgoing person in the room or even isolate yourself from everyone. Just remember that you’re back at school now so you’ll have to be engaged. Even if you’d rather be home alone in your bedroom away from all the chaos, try your best to socialize and chat with others because if the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that you never know what can happen in a day.

Miscellaneous Things We Should All Be Doing Anyway

Although it may seem like it to some people, COVID is not gone yet! There are cases among people of all ages all over the world, and hospitals are filling up fast. That’s why it is so important to continue to do the little things like washing your hands at the right times, using hand sanitizer when necessary, and staying socially distanced from people when possible.

Just doing our part to stay safe and keep others safe can really make a difference. Remember to cover your mouth when you sneeze or cough and stay home if you’re feeling unwell. Together, we might not be able to eradicate the virus (for now at least), but at least we can work towards a safer environment for all.