American Fashion: The Best Dressed at this Year’s MET Gala

The MET Gala is a yearly gala meant to honor a current exhibit at the Museum of Metropolitan Art. This year’s exhibit and theme was America: A Lexicon of Fashion. The staff writers of the Blue & Gold have created a master list of all their favorite and least favorite fashion moments of this year’s red carpet event. Vote below on which look was your favorite!

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Jackie Aina in Fe Noel

Photo courtesy of Vogue

Sirianna: First off, I love that influencers are being invited to the MET Gala. I know some people think that it’s taking prestige away from the event, but it’s all about celebrities! Social media, not nepotism and movie contracts, is making the newest generation of celebrities. I think the large influx of influencer invitee’s this year shows a shifting of the event towards a more modern approach and I appreciate that.

I have mixed feelings on Jackie’s look. First off, I adore Jackie Aina. Her Youtube videos are so positive and fun; some of the best in the beauty space in my opinion. Now, she describes the look as black barbie on her Instagram. First off, I think this hits the theme pretty well. Barbie is peak American to me. Yes, she’s internationally sold, but to me she perfectly represents American ideals, beauty standards, and the progression of feminism in our country. Now, why don’t I love it? Firstly, Kacey Musgraves did barbie in 2019 and just to be honest, outsold Jackie. She had a lot more props, elements, and an actual barbie she was taking inspiration from. Does that make Jackie any less stunning? No! But it does make the look less impressive, original, and exciting.


Photo Courtesy of Vogue

Sirianna: The casual look and effortlessness this design brings to such a glamorous event is what makes what so many would see as boring so cool to me. I have no clue who this is, but I already feel like I know her. Whether or not she was trying to be relatable, in an odd way I think she nailed it. The boxers bring a level of intimacy to the dress and the denim element is very much like a blanket. The entire look reminds me of cuddling with someone and eating popcorn while watching a movie.

Kendall Jenner in Givenchy

Photo courtesy of Vogue

Sirianna: Now, is this a lexicon of American fashion? I don’t know what lexicon means. Apparently, she was inspired by My Fair Lady, which has absolutely nothing to do with America but I saw an amazing internet comment that said, it’s peak American to just assume everything is American, and that makes this look perfectly on theme.

Kim Kardashian in Balenciaga

Photo courtesy of Vogue

Sirianna: This is my favorite look of the year. First of all, camp! As it should be! I think camp outsells anything else. She looks like a nightmare and it makes me so excited. Some say she looks like a sock; I think she looks like a cool sock.

Frank Ocean in Prada x Homer

Photo courtesy of Vogue

Luiza : All I have to say about Frank Ocean’s look is…shrek baby.

Samantha: Frank Ocean is always keeping to himself and not really announcing what he is doing, so it really made it surprising to see him here. He also just launched a new jewelry brand, Homer and he is promoting that brand here which I think is very cool. Although I am confused why he brought the robotic baby, I think it is a very different and interesting addition to his outfit. I am not sure where this falls under the theme of the MET gala but his outfit definitely was one of my favorites.

Olivia Rodrigo in Yves Saint Laurent

Photo courtesy of Vogue

Luiza: Olivia Rodrigo, a successful pop-star who put out an entire album of cult favorite songs made her debut at the MET Gala in a lace bodysuit, poofy shoulder accent, chunky heels, and long silver dangles. Though it isn’t confirmed, most believe that she is recreating Jerry Hall’s iconic look from 1970s Paris. Most believe that she was reviving the full lace look from her recent instagram story sharing a picture of Halls from a page named, “Fashion From History”. It is very likely this is her unconfirmed inspiration because the theme of the MET was “In America: A Lexicon of Fashion”. This ties the Instagram page with the appreciation of the history of fashion in America.

Justin Bieber in La Maison Drew and Hailey Bieber in Saint Laurent

Photo courtesy of Vogue

Samantha: I think that Justin and Hailey Beiber could have done much better with their outfits. Their outfits just look like something you would wear to a formal event or a funeral even, not the MET Gala. Justin Bieber also wore some customized shoes from his brand, drew. The way Justin was standing makes it almost seem like he was uncomfortable with the way the pants fit him.

Will Welch

Photo courtesy of Vogue

Sirianna: Do I know who this man is? No. Do I know that he has better taste than every other man there? Yes. This suit is so cool; I love the varying patterns and patches which make it feel very much like a patchwork quilt while still being very cool, which I think hits the theme pretty well as well. I also really like the color pattern. It’s always refreshing to see a non-black suit. It’s still very neutral in color while adding another element. I’ve also never seen someone not wearing another designer’s work, so I find it cool that he’s wearing his own design.

Pete Davidson in Thom Browne and Silhouette eyewear

Photo courtesy of Vogue

Sirianna:*gasp* Pete Davidson is killing it with this dress and blazer combo. The black and white scheme is simple but works so well. He’s also a celebrity you’re used to seeing in all his tattoos, so it’s refreshing to see a more modest look without them at the center as well. The shoes are perfect and the sunglasses give it such a cool mood.

Samantha: Pete Davidson wearing a dress was really fun and unexpected to see. He went out of many mens comfort zones by wearing the dress. In my opinion he had one of the more interesting outfits among the men who attended, as the majority wore plain tuxedos.

Addison Rae in Tom Ford

Photo courtesy of vogue

Luiza: Addison Rae is seen at her MET debut in a red corset type dress that looks suspiciously similar to Kourtney’s dress from her Christmas party in 2019. Is this a MET hand-me-down? Personally, I think she just added straps to the dress to make it a little different but it’s the exact corset detailing as Kourtney’s dress which is a little tacky.

Sirianna: An interesting aspect of Rae’s look however, is that it’s a vintage red Gucci dress, meaning that unlike almost every other dress, this was not originally made for the event. I kind of love this. From an environmental aspect, using less resources, designers and celebrities redesigning and reusing past pieces is super cool. I think a future theme where the looks must be made out of old designs would be really cool, and more creative than American independence.

Photo Courtesy of Vogue

Luiza: Nikkie Tutorials referenced Marsha P. Johnson through her MET look with a decadent flower crown, teal tulle dress, and a bouquet leading into the mermaid style bottom. Nikkie, who came out as trans last year, paid homage to Johnson, a key figure in the stonewall movement. Johnson would often claim that the p in her name stood for ‘pay it no mind’. This phrase is written on the dress in a banner type manner.

Photo Courtesy of Vogue

Luiza: Elliot Page was seen referencing Oscar Wilde’s green carnation with a black suit and green flower in the breast pocket. Wilde was a writer who was incarcerated for his homosexuality in 1985. He once asked his friends to wear green carnations to opening night for one of his shows. Since then, it has been a secret identifying symbol for queer men.

Storm Reid in Prada

Photo courtesy of Vogue

Sirianna: The combination of textures in this look is so well done. They all are very different, from the feathers to the silk to the wings, but they all give off the same soft look, combining to make the look a sensory dream. The ribbon that may feel tacky on other designs sweetly bring the look together. I love how understated the makeup is as well, and her short hair brings a more masculine energy to this very feminine design. She reminds me of cupid with the wings, that are such a cool addition. I wish I could tell how they felt, making this a look that jumps off the screen more than most at the event.

Grimes in Iris van Herpen

Photo courtesy of Vogue

Luiza: Look at her, just look at her and be in awe. I cannot describe how amazing she looked. The sword will be my undoing, I swear. And the geometric design on her abdomen is just the most flattering. Combined with the silver and lavender shoes, she is giving. I’m not sure how it correlates with the MET theme, but it’s just gorgeous.

Lil Nas X in Versace

Photo courtesy of Vogue


Photo courtesy of Vogue
Photo courtesy of Vogue

Sirianna: Above are the three Lil Nas X’s looks from the Gala, each stripping down to the next. The first is a kingly coat, impressive not only in size, but in shoulders. A more floral pattern follows the center and edges of the drapery. We’ve seen many versions of Nas over the past few years, and as a king is one of my new personal favorites. This strips down to the armor above, which looks like solid gold, although I doubt it actually is. The sharp angles on the pauldron center your eye towards his face, which is important in a look that seems to demand your attention everywhere. Underneath this, he wore a skintight body suit, continuing the gold theme, although this one had a more delicate pattern. With each look, he has small gold details on his eyelids, that are small enough to be not noticed but draw your eye to his, a wonderful effect. Nas is not the first to bring a multi-level look to the gala, but in my opinion the first to do something entirely different with each level. Showing off his regal, masculine, and feminine side with each look, Nas continues to prove he cannot be put into a box, whether that’s in music or fashion.

Billie Eilish in Oscar de la Renta and Cartier jewelry

Photo courtesy of Vogue

Luiza: She is the moment and will forever be the moment. I audibly gasped when her picture came up on my feed. The peachy tones of the dress to the miles of tool, and the overall dreamy feel of the dress is just impeccable. Though, I cannot imagine how much that weighs to walk up those steps.

Timothée Chalamet in Haider Ackermann, Rick Owens, and Converse

Photo courtesy of Vogue

Luiza: I mean, it might embody American street clothing but I just don’t like it. He looks like he’s going to a zoom meeting. The cropped jacket is just upsetting with the weirdly proportioned black neck detail. Don’t even get me started on the long white socks… At Least the Converse were All American!

Dan Levy in Loewe and Cartier jewelry

Photo courtesy of Vogue

Luiza: Dan Levy, the notorious Schitt’s Creek actor, referenced the artist and Aids activist David Wojnarowicz in his MET Gala debut look. Wojnarowicz was an artist whose art was heavily influenced by his struggle with AIDs. He was a member of ACT UP and passed away in 1992. His outfit mirrored one of Wojnarowicz’s pieces.