Why Gossip Girl is the Best Show to Exist

Mallory Reid, Reporter

The best show to ever be put on Netflix is “Gossip Girl.” The storyline consists of rich high schoolers who live in New York City. There is a secret gossip website that exploits different people each day, spanning from someone cheating on someone else to someone leaving town. Their lives consist of Sunday brunches and shopping sprees.

Serena Van Der Woodsen is a teen girl who lives with her mom and brother in the Upper East Side. She acts like she has a perfect life, but in reality, has many underlying issues that not many people see except for her best friend Blair. Blair is the Queen Bee. She runs the school they attend called Constants and if someone tries to overrule, they should watch their back. Nate Archibald and Chuck Bass are two best friends with many family problems, but they have each other to help them get through it. Dan Humphrey is a bookworm who lives in a loft in Brooklyn. Yet he always finds himself in the Upper East Side looking for Serena Van Der Woodsen, his crush since the ninth grade.

This show is the best show to exist because it draws you in. It is very entertaining because the whole show revolves around drama. Blair is the best character on the show because she always wants to be the best and always is. She knows her worth and doesn’t let anyone outshine her.

“Gossip Girl” has taught me about being loyal to my friends and family. Even if someone does something that hurts me, I have to try to forgive them. For example, when Nate and Blair were dating, Nate cheated on her with Serena. Serena then left town without telling anyone to go to boarding school, yet Blair found a way to forgive her.

My least favorite character on the show is Serena. She always finds a way to put herself in a bad situation, then will play the victim card and act like it’s not her fault. She blames all her problems on other people when in reality, she gets herself in a mess. She is also so dramatic when she doesn’t have to be.

This is my favorite show because I can relate to some of the characters. One of them being Jenny Humphrey, Dan’s sister. She is a misunderstood girl who wants to be exactly like Blair and the popular girls at school. Like Serena, she always finds herself in a predicament. She always tries to do the right thing but sometimes her jealousy gets in the way.

Another reason why this show is the best show to exist is because it shows the reality of how social media can take over and run people’s lives. The Gossip Girl website has everyone hooked. Even though it ruins relationships, people will always keep reading it. Serena and Blair’s friendship is elite. Blair always finds a way to dig Serena out of a mess, and they always have each other’s backs no matter what. This has taught me how to be a true friend.

This show is the best show to exist because it draws me in and makes me want to keep watching it. It also reminds me to always be there for my friends and not let social media take over my life.