Why Pinterest is the best form of social media


Photo courtesy of @yourcandycocain, sourced on Pinterest

A moodboard showing outfit inspired by the theme “Photography Club”

Sirianna Blanck, Editor-in-chief

Pinterest is hands down the only good form of social media. “Discover recipes, home ideas, style inspiration, and other ideas to try,” this image-sharing app’s slogan says it all. Trust me, it’s the only social media worth having.

Above all other social media apps, its goal is to share photos of cool outfits, interior design, cute foods, party decorations, art, and TV show and movie content. Obviously, since it’s on the internet, there have to be more serious posts like politics and other darker topics, but it seems like all Pinterest users have this agreement that we’re not here to talk about that. If you want to argue, go to Twitter. If you want to be an influencer, go literally anywhere else. Pinterest users know that all we want is to just look at cute photos and that’s why it’s so great. When you download the app, you agree to this pact and only share cute pet photos and your outfits.

The simplest reason that it’s a good social media is its anonymity. No one is running an account or page, the way other social media apps/websites work. Your own ideas and input are not needed and no one is trying to accumulate a following. When scrolling through the site, you’re not interacting with others in the same way as the rest of the internet. There are no faces, no influencers, and no real identities. Yes, you can see other user’s boards and comments but to truly see my point, just spend five minutes on the site. Obviously, this anonymity could be a downside, the way it often is on many sites of the internet, leading to deindividualization, but with a lack of content besides simple photos and the app’s dedication to being appealing, this rarely leads to a negative impact on your social experience, in my opinion. Of course there are problems like the fashion pictures being most white and skinny, but this is a much bigger issue that pertains to the internet rather than Pinterest.

Another reason it’s so great is its algorithm. Like TikTok and Instagram, it knows you so well, meaning if all you want to look at is cat photos and cookie recipes, that’s all you have to see. And unlike sites that are trying to plug new trends and celebrities, Pinterest knows that you don’t care to see the things you’re not searching for and pinning, and doesn’t try to push new accounts unless you show an interest in them, which I genuinely appreciate. It’s not trying to start any trends.

Of course, there are other photo-sharing sites and apps, such as Tumblr, but to put this in the most academic terms I can: they just don’t have the same vibes.

To illustrate my proof of the actual positive influence this form of social media has on my life and its actually useful algorithm, here are the random pins first recommended to me on my home page/for you page as I write this at 2:20 on Wednesday, March 30.

My Pinterest home page (Assorted creators)

Look at how cute they are! Obviously, this is my algorithm, but I think this shows a good mix of fashion, food, art, and products to buy.

Whether you’re looking for room, fashion, tattoo, or recipe inspiration or just want to find a cool new artist, I would highly recommend using Pinterest in comparison to other social media platforms. It’s less addictive, way more anonymous, inspiring, cute, and fun.