Upcoming School Year Calls for New SGA Representatives


Photo courtesy of Ashika Srivastava, @chamblee_2025 and @chambleeclassof2023 on Instagram

2022-2023 SGA officers Lauren Hill (’23), Ryan Lovejoy (’23), Matthew Emde (’23), Temple Lester (’25), Addie Weekly (’25), and Jonathan Sneh (’25)

Mallory Reid, Reporter

As the school year comes to a close, one important event takes place that decides the future leaders of Chamblee. Student Government elections take place every school year in which students vote for representatives for their grade level and the school as a whole. SGA [Student Government Association] members uphold major responsibilities for the school including planning homecoming, school-wide spirit weeks, and other events around the school.

Demetrius Daniel (‘23) shares his take on winning the position of student body president for the 2022-2023 school year.

“I feel excited. I’ve been wanting this for like a long time,” said Daniel. “When I was a freshman, it really was before we asked the question of when I did like SGA in middle school, but I didn’t have a position and I was just like in SGA. And freshman year, I was freshman secretary, which was the least [amount of] power. But I don’t know. I used to look up to Lucy [Adelman] (‘20) and look up to Joanna [Lois-Ugbo] (‘22). So it was kind of fun. I’m excited.”

As student body president, Daniel is ready for the responsibilities that come with the job, including meeting with the administration and attending Parental Advisory Committee [PAC] meetings, which allow Chamblee’s representatives to propose new ideas to a board of parents.

“It’s given me more, I guess, responsibility than before because now I have to do things for teachers, and I have to be at meetings and get things done. So that kind of responsibility, but it’s good because it’s helped me mature in a way.  […]  I lead the SGA meetings, I work with Ms. Barnes and like other clubs, like if there’s gonna be a spokesperson for us, I guess that would be me. And then, I guess, just coming up with ideas and fun stuff to do for the school,” said Daniel. 

Daniel has big plans for next year including implementing an outlet for underclassmen.

“I really want to help the underclassmen a lot because I know our counselors are really busy. They have like 1800 kids, and there’s like five of [the counselors]. So giving personalized advice [like] what you can do to improve your GPA or like [how] to set you up for college and stuff like that is kind of difficult. So that’s why I’m really trying to get more upperclassmen and underclassmen to get to know each other for like the the free advice because especially if you don’t have like an older sibling that already went through high school, you might be coming into it not knowing what to do,” said Daniel.

Daniel’s right-hand man, Grant Polk (‘23), also known as the upcoming student body vice president, shares his plans and expectations for the upcoming school year. 

“My expectations are pretty high for next year. I think that we’re going to be on the back end of COVID, if it should be like an issue at all hindering our activities next year. So I think we can do a lot of the activities that we did like our freshman year. For the school community, I just want to make people more aware of the different opportunities, clubs, and just activities available in our school. There’s a lot to do before or after school to help you get the full high school experience,” said Polk.

Polk has had a lot of experience in SGA as he was the co-vice president his freshman, sophomore, and junior year.

“My experience in SGA started freshman year. I ran for class vice president and then I was the co-vice president my freshman year and co-vice president again my sophomore and junior year. I think it’s a really great opportunity to be student body vice president. It’s a little nerve-wracking considering it was the only position [in which] there was an actual election. So now I feel a little bit more pressure on having to actually produce results for next year,” said Polk. 

Like Daniel, Polk also has many responsibilities including attending meetings with administration and supporting Daniel whenever he needs support. 

“I’m pretty much just supporting the president for the most part. So if Demetrius isn’t there at a meeting, or needs help with something, I’m there to help or to take the role of president for meetings and things like that. Otherwise, as vice president, I have to preside as the student representative for PAC meetings. So telling parents and staff like what we want in our school, so then parents can act on that,” said Polk.

In addition, the upcoming senior vice president, Lauren Hill (‘23), has been involved in SGA since her freshman year and has helped organize many events at Chamblee.

“I’ve been in SGA since freshman year. I’ve done a lot of work in organizing homecoming and Hoco Week, and I am always super involved in my class hallway decorating. I also helped with Screen on the Green and Trunk or Treat each year and helped make lots of banners for advertisements around CHS,” said Hill.

Next year, Hill hopes to propose ideas to improve the conditions of the school and work to make the year as stress-free as possible for the senior class.

“I hope to be able to find some fun and calmness in the stress of senior year, and I want to make sure everyone else is able to experience the best senior year possible,” said Hill. “[Next year,] I want to make communication better, and I want to advocate for better bathrooms.”

Similarly, the upcoming junior class president, Christian Yared (‘24), anticipates exciting events for the next school year.  

“I can expect a much more exciting school environment next year. I feel like now that SGA has free roam in planning things without COVID being a restriction, we can really venture out and bring more exciting things for the students to do,” said Yared. 

His main goal for the coming year involves bringing a field day to Chamblee to reward students for their hard work throughout the year.

“My main goal that I really want to push for is a field day,” said Yared. “I know a lot of people, including my friends and I, really want to have one. I feel like it’s one of those things that people can really look forward to.”

2022-2023 Student Government Officers

Student Body

  • President: Demetrius Daniel
  • Vice President: Grant Polk
  • Secretary: Pierce Rosenhaft


  • President: Ryan Lovejoy
  • Vice President: Lauren Hill
  • Secretary: Matthew Emde


  • President: Christian Yared
  • Vice President: Prisha Umashankar
  • Secretary: Brianna Lin


  • President: Temple Lester
  • Vice President: Jonathan Sneh
  • Secretary: Addie Weekly