Get To Know Chamblee’s 2022 Homecoming Court

Shae Cotter, Reporter

It’s that special time again! Homecoming week is here and last Thursday, this year’s homecoming court was announced. This year’s list includes 14 different seniors from 15 different clubs, as follows:


  • Naa Adua Annan (NHS and Volleyball)
  • Abby Barnes (Biology Club and Cross Country)
  • Coco Bradford (Blue & Gold)
  • Autumn Clark (NAHS)
  • Maggie Council (NHS)
  • Demetrius Daniel (SGA & BEU)
  • Will Elder (Cross Country & Track)
  • Srabon Hossein (MSA)
  • Mateo Hunter (Marching Band)
  • Jayden Jones (BEU & Yearbook)
  • Sophie Li (Interact)
  • Lily Nicaragua (Swim)
  • Jordyn Parker (Track)
  • Jayden Radway (NSBE)


The competition for a coveted spot on homecoming court was tough this year, as the voting process featured an especially high number of nominees. Each participating club voted for two members to represent their club as nominees, and these nominees were then all placed on a ballot for the senior class. Each senior then selected three nominees from the ballot, and the fourteen with the most votes became members of the court.

Homecoming this year is particularly significant as it will be the first homecoming with all the typical experiences since 2019. Last year, both the dance and the pep rally were cancelled due to concerns over COVID-19, and the festivities were virtually nonexistent in 2020 during remote schooling. 

Finalist Autumn Clark is excited about the long-awaited celebrations.

“We haven’t had [a pep rally] in a while and I feel like the underclassmen will finally have an opportunity to experience what high-school activities are all about!” said Clark. 

Clark was nominated by National Art Honor Society, which she’s participated in for 2 years. 

“I love how in NAHS we work together to create beautiful pieces that inspire the community. One of my favorite memories so far is our club creating a bunch of holiday cards for the Feeding Families organization in 2020,” said Clark. 

Finalists Naa Adua Annan and Sophie Li also serve the community in their free time.

“I’ve enjoyed volunteering in the community with my friends,” said Annan, who has participated in NHS for two years, as well as played on the volleyball team for four years.

Li, a four-year veteran of Interact, another volunteering club, appreciates the ways it gets students involved. 

“I love that Interact encourages students to volunteer because they actually care about the causes and helping the community, instead of just doing it to meet a service requirement,” said Li. “Interact has some of the most dedicated members at our school and as an officer for the past two years, I’ve seen the effort that people will put in to show up and be engaged with the community.” 

Li brought her love of engagement with others to her Chamblee experience as well.

“When it comes down to it, the most memorable experiences I’ve had have all been with the people at Chamblee- my friends, my teachers, random students I smile at in the hallways. Those little exchanges I have are what gets me up in the morning and what pushes me to go to school. Although I know I won’t be able to maintain all the relationships I’ve formed at Chamblee, I know I’ll miss and greatly cherish the happy times they gave me,” said Li.

Fellow finalist Coco Bradford, nominated from the Blue & Gold, also values the connections she’s developed at Chamblee. 

“I feel honored [to be nominated], really. I am so grateful that people know who I am and like me as a person. I will miss the community the school has given me and all the people I have met and connected with here,” said Bradford.

Mateo Hunter expressed a similar sentiment. 

“I will miss the community and the sheer number of clubs that make people feel at home,” said Hunter. 

Even with all these clubs, the marching band holds a special place in Hunter’s heart. 

“My favorite memory is when we won first in our division for percussion. I knew that our hard work had paid off and it brought the drum line closer together. I will especially miss the drum line,” said Hunter, nominated by the marching band.

Track and cross country were featured heavily on the court, with three finalists.

Abby Barnes, a four-year member of cross country, loves the dynamic of the team. 

“Everyone is so friendly and supportive of each other and we have so much fun,” said Barnes. “My favorite memory is doing ice baths in the back of one of our teammate’s pickup trucks in freshman year.”

Jordyn Parker, who has run varsity track since freshman year, looks back on winning the state championship as her favorite memory, an achievement made possible by the effort put in behind the scenes. 

“I feel honored [to be nominated] because I’m glad they can see the hard work I have put in,” said Parker.

As president of SGA (Student Government Association), court member Demetrius Daniel has also been hard at work organizing the homecoming festivities.

“SGA is working really hard to make it really fun and exciting since it’s the first one in a long time,” said Daniel.

All of the tireless efforts made to organize a spectacular homecoming have been seen and appreciated this week. Tomorrow, all students will vote to select two of the court members to be crowned as official Chamblee homecoming royalty. At the homecoming football game against MLK that evening, two royals will be announced and the court will take the field to be celebrated as a group that truly represents Chamblee and what it stands for.