Nancy Farrey: Involved and Passionate about the School

Leah Gregory

From September 2007:

Success, discipline, and respect are the words displayed in the counseling office, and the new secretary, Nancy Farrey, exemplifies each one.
In some ways, she is the typical, kind woman one would expect to work in an office. She wants to travel to Paris, loves to read, “putters” in her garden, roots for the Braves, and spends time with her children, two of which currently attend Chamblee and one who graduated in 2006. Yet, this secretary is full of surprises.
“I was raised in Memphis, Tennessee, and I graduated from Ole Miss with a major in nutrition,” said Farrey. “My mother and cousins went to Ole Miss, so I guess we’re just a Rebel family. I also spent one year at Vanderbilt.”
After college, Farrey worked 12 years as a clinical nutritionist and a parent volunteer, mostly in health-related jobs. Eventually, she began moving into more business-like fields.
“Business was less enjoyable than healthcare,” she said. “I enjoy people and wanted to try something new.
Farrey is the PTSA co-president at Chamblee and is an involved and passionate member of the Blue and Gold Foundation board. The PTSA is involved with the directory, cultural arts program, Bulldog Bash, and grants for teachers and clubs.
“I basically make sure the committees are doing their jobs, and kind of coordinating everything else,” said Farrey.
The Blue and Gold Foundation is a non-profit organization that handles raising funds and supports for Chamblee and the community, Hall of Fame inductions, and placing defibrillators around the school.
“I love Chamblee High School and I am thrilled that all of my children have gotten to attend and receive wonderful educations. However, they are not so thrilled that they come to school every morning in my ’94 minivan. They say it’s a non-cool car.”
The secretary position at Chamblee opened at the perfect time, and Farrey immediately pursued it.
“When Ms. Dickey told me she was retiring, I asked her, ‘Do you think I could do this job?’ and she looked at me and replied, ‘Yes. I do,’” said Farrey “I applied and was pleased to be chosen.”
When asked about the new job and the former secretary, Ms. Dickey, she answered,
“I still have a lot of things to learn. It is difficult to follow someone as talented as she was. However, if I’m like Ms. Dickey, in ten years, I’ll probably still be right here.”
[Update 2022: Ms. Farrey did indeed stay at Chamblee until she retired in the Spring of 2022, though she remains active and present in Blue & Gold Foundation activities and around the school.]