How seven songs can be made into a masterpiece; my ranking of songs in Montell Fish’s new EP


Amalee McWaters, Staff Writer

The musician Montell Fish is a true artist, with the release of his album JAMIE and single “Hotel,” his popularity rose. The album JAMIE was the first of a four-album series Fish is releasing describing the feelings and emotions when grieving. Just released was the prequel to his upcoming albums CHARLOTTE and MARSHALL, Her Love Still Haunts me Like a Ghost. The 7 song EP is a masterpiece in need of recognition in the music industry, in an attempt to expose this album to whoever may be reading this, here are my definitive rankings of each song in the EP.

Every Night
I hate to put this song last, but after all, one song had to fill the spot of last place. The only reason why I don’t rank this song higher is not because it isn’t worthy – it is – it’s because the beat and key don’t fit into the rest of the album. After listening to the album numerous times while writing this, this song was the only one I felt wasn’t on par with the rest.

Much like Bathroom, the next song, this song reels me in with the isolated breathing. The heavy bass and guitar slides only add to my appreciation for this song.

Woah. That is one word to describe how I feel when listening to this song. From beginning to middle to end, Montell has me hooked into this song, but the heavy isolated breathing during the bridge is what gets me every time.

This is one of Montell’s most well-known songs. Some say it’s overrated, but I have to disagree. I would rank this song number one if it weren’t for the other songs on this album. This song, first released earlier this year, is iconic, and encapsulates Montell’s music and specific genre as a whole.

In the intro, the drum beats, heavy guitar, and hard hitting vocals, create an isolating environment when listening to the song. In most songs, I dislike repetitive lyrics, but Montell masters this in this song so well that I can’t say anything negative about it.

Pretend Lovers
The acoustics and isolated vocals are what set this song apart from other songs in the album. In this song Montell uses his raspy voice and production skills to his advantage.

Saving the best for last, let me tell you about this song and why I love it so much. First thing is the intro guitar riff. This part of the song literally made me want to rewind and repeat it over and over without even listening to the rest of the song. Then when the lyrics come in, Montell has me pulled deeper into the sound and level of intensity of this song.

Please, please, please, whoever is reading this, listen to this album because if you are anything like me, Montell Fish will pull you into his music, and you won’t be able to escape.

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