An ode to the people who changed my life


Coco Bradford, Editor

To my childhood best friend, for finding and changing who you are with time, with no regrets, and blessing me with knowing who that is.

To my favorite person, for caring about what matters to you and learning to grow into yourself and care about yourself and finding the positives but still having trouble and being human, for teaching me humanity at its finest.

To my composure-destroyer, for being unapologetically yourself and yet still being willing to learn and change at points. For being better than I expect, but also sometimes showing your humanity as well.

To my best friend, for holding onto me and giving me a second chance, for figuring out who we are together, and for letting me be by your side as you figure out who you are alone.

To my weakness, for reflecting me back at myself, for challenging me, for never losing my respect for you, and for letting me grow out of you finally.

To an inspiration, for growing with me as well as staying completely who you are on your own. For showing me how to care about things and put in the effort. For compromising and communicating with me, for giving me another chance and letting me give you one, for being a healthy relationship in my life.

To my love, for showing me that I do matter, for reciprocating my love language, for teaching me that I don’t need to give myself to you, I just need to share some of my life with you. For showing me how much I can attach to another human, for showing me that people can be healthy and still be passionately in love.

To my role models, for being what I want to be, but still being people. For allowing me to be okay with not knowing every aspect of you. For being people first, not emotions. For being lovable without being untouchable. For being hurt and bouncing back. For finding who you are in the public eye, for growing and changing and doing what you need.