Chamblee Students Shake Up Shaky Knees


Photo Courtesy of @shakykneesfest on Instagram

Sarah Marcus, Reporter

In lieu of the 2023 Music Midtown getting canceled, the 3-day Shaky Knees 2023 music festival dropped its lineup and the memo that their festival will still be taking place this year. Since this festival is smaller than Music Midtown, many Chamblee students have never even heard of it. However, some Chamblee students are very much looking forward to this event.

“I really like concerts and music festivals in general, so I’m always excited when there’s another one, especially because Music Midtown was canceled, and I was going to go to that. I like Shaky Knees because it’s a different genre [from] most big festivals, which is cool, and it has a good amount of artists that I listen to,” said Sophia Cheng (‘23).

Even though both Music Midtown and Shaky Knees are the two biggest Atlanta music festivals, they are very different. 

“I think it’s a really different aspect because Shaky Knees [has] more bands, rock bands, and music. Music Midtown is more pop artists and mainstream music,” said Abby Millner (‘24).

The artists at Shaky Knees are relatively less recognized, the main reason that not as many high school students attend.

“Honestly, the lineup is a little disappointing, but the Killers is a headliner so I think that would be cool to see. The Lumineers are also really cool. I love the Lumineers,” said Millner. 

Even though Shaky Knees performers aren’t as popular, usually other students can also find a few familiar performers on the lineup.

“I’m looking forward to seeing The Front Bottoms and Suki Waterhouse and I’d say there’s pretty good people. I was looking at the lineups from previous years and they always have like a couple of people that I know,” said Cheng.

While most high school students’ music tastes don’t enclose smaller artists, other students are really into this genre. 

“I think the lineup is really good this year, and it has some artists that I really want to see but don’t come to Atlanta very often. I know Hozier is one of them, and the Lumineers, they were just here, but I didn’t go,” said Tiller Johnson (‘24), “The Killers, definitely. The Flaming Lips. Father John Misty.”

The popularity of the artists that come to the festival also changes every year. One year someone could love the lineup, and the next, the same person could hate it. 

“I think [this years and last year’s] lineups are pretty much even. The last time I went in 2021 Phoebe Bridgers was there and she’s my favorite, so kind of can’t beat that. But I don’t know. I feel like it’s different, not necessarily better,” said Johnson. 

Others disagree and wish that last year’s roster could be duplicated. 

“I didn’t get to go last year, so I want to be able to go before I go to college, but I definitely think last year’s lineup was better. I wanted to see Green Day and Billy Idol, but then he dropped out, but I definitely liked past lineups better,” said Grace Seel (‘23).

All in all, paying for the tickets is worth it if you’re a fan of a few of the artists. If you only want to see your favorite, only going for one of the days is also an option. 

“I’m pretty sure for the three days the tickets are 190 or 200 and then for one day it’s just over 100,” said Johnson.
Both options are still a little pricey for a high schoolers budget, but the Shaky Knees experience makes it justifiable. 

“I just really like the- I don’t want to just say vibes- but I like how loud everything is and how everyone around you knows and enjoys the same music that you do. Usually it’s not like everyone knows the same music and stuff,” said Cheng. 

Apart from the people, the wide variety of shows happening at the same time also sticks out to some people.

“I think it’d be a really cool experience. I really like being able to see all of the performers and being able to go to multiple concerts each day because with normal concerts you just go to one and you’re done, but with festivals you get to see like so many artists in a day, which I find really cool,” said Millner.

For some, the craziness of seeing their favorite music right before their eyes compels them to show up. 

 “It’s cool to see people perform live because you know, you don’t really get that when you just listen to your phone,” said Seel.

Overall, Shaky Knees is a unique experience and allows its witnesses to encounter and enjoy lots and lots of music!

“I feel like it’s really cool because most of the bigger artists are later in the day, so I think it’s really fun to go like in the morning and just go see people that I’ve never heard of, because I can find some stuff that I really like that I never would have discovered otherwise,” said Johnson, “Also just seeing all the people because the people listen to every genre of music and it’s different from one concert where it’s kind of all people have the same lifestyle.”