The Perfect First Date

Luiza Douglas, Editor

The perfect first date. A topic discussed high and wide but especially in the high school community as many indulge in their first dates during their four years of high school. The common first date for high schoolers often includes at least going out to eat at a restaurant, getting coffee, a movie, a visit to a museum, and going for a walk. But these options have their pros and their cons. A movie doesn’t allow for conversation, though it allows for both to indulge in a possible common interest, such as going to see a particular franchise movie that both are a fan of. Though the first date may include the events listed, do they really create the most optimal and efficient way to get to know the other person? Which begs the question, what makes up the PERFECT first date?

Well, first, the basis of the date has to be where it’ll all start, and preferably conversation should start immediately to get to know the person as much as possible. Places that would allow for this would be a thrift store or a bookstore. Places like these allow for the two to really interact with the environment and spark conversations with each other, such as cracking a joke at an odd object or sharing a personal anecdote related to the object. Such as if there was an old Digital Video Device(DVD) with the movie princess bride, and this happened to be one of the dates’ favorite movies, they could share that. This could also possibly lead the 2 to discover some hidden things they have in common, such as their favorite color or sharing the same favorite movie. This section of the date allows for lots of environmentally crafted questions, serving as a good base for the perfect first date. 

Though this may not seem important to most, I feel that going out to eat and ensuring that the other person is not an open-mouthed chewer is a must for the perfect first date. Though going out to eat on a first date can prove hectic and unproductive if planned wrong. Therefore, when going out to eat, ensure that the restaurant is more casual to provide a relaxed atmosphere to both on the date. A more fancy, crowded, and loud restaurant will only make it hard to maintain a conversation and both people on the date will be more focused on looking presentable and blending in with the crowd at the high-end establishment than actually devoting the time to getting to know each other, which is what a first date is entirely about. Though by choosing a casual place, many allow themselves to stay a little too long and get a little too comfortable, so when eating on the first date, make sure to make it short and sweet. Remember, you’re only mission is to make sure your date is not a food smacker and eats with their mouth closed. Another factor of eating on the first date includes seating. Eye contact is nearly essential to developing a connection with a possible partner, so when sitting down anywhere, make sure to sit opposite the other person to ensure eye contact is made. 

Following going out to eat, it is best to go somewhere peaceful to let off some steam. My first recommendation would be a nice park. Parks allow for a date to take a more active route and release some nerves that might be built up from the nervousness of a first date. Going for a walk can also be an excellent way to really settle into some moments of silence. One essential part of a relationship is the ability to have comfortable silence between each other, so by going for a walk where you can allow each other to indulge in silence for a bit is essential. The lack of conversation also prevents sharing too much and leaving nothing else to mystery, and after the first date, there needs to be some mystery so both are left wondering about the other and looking forward to a second date. Minimal conversation created by silence can also be important as no nervous conversations are made that one might possibly regret. Such as making conversations excessively about other people because they feel the need to continue talking. Creating conversations about other people is never a good decision as the point of a date is supposed to be being present with who you are with and getting to know them, not them getting to know other people in your life. 

To sum up, though a first date may be different for everyone, these 3 factors should always be included in order to maximize and minimize, your first one-on-one experience with a possible partner. The connection made during the first date really maps out the entire relationship as it gives insight into not only who they are as a person, but also who you are around this person.