Chainsaw Man: Worth the Watch?


Simran Kukreja, Staff Writer

“Chainsaw Man” is a horror comedy anime series based on the Chainsaw Man manga series. Since its first official trailer in June 2021, the anime adaptation became a highly-anticipated release for 2022. The series debuted in October of 2022 and ran for 12 episodes. While there is no official announcement for season two yet, there are no plans to cancel the show anytime soon.
Set in a world where devils manifest from human fears, a young child named Denji must pay off a large debt left by his deceased father. The story follows Denji, as he works as a scrappy devil hunter for the Yakuza to make money with the help of his devil-dog companion, Pochita. When the Yakuza betray him and he is killed by the zombie devil, Pochita makes a contract with Denji to become his new heart, ultimately turning him into the human-devil hybrid known as “Chainsaw Man.”
He is soon approached by a governmental team of devil hunters, the Public Safety Division, who convince him to join their ranks. The team is led by Makima, who initially acts as a helpful ally towards Denji by taking him under her wing. She charms Denji with her kindness, and he instantly falls in love. Not only does he find her attractive, but no person has ever been as good to Denji as she is. At Public Safety, he is partnered with Power, the Blood Fiend, and Aki Hayakawa, a self-destructive Devil Hunter. Makima promises Denji any favor, provided he kills the Gun Devil, the one responsible for the greatest massacre in human history, but there is more to Makima’s plans.
“Chainsaw Man” is undoubtedly worth watching, especially if you are looking for something new that is not too much of a commitment. With incredible animation, accurate soundtracks, and amazing voice acting, the series could easily be considered one of the best anime of 2022. The stylized brutal action is entertaining to watch, and there is 3D and 2D animation that feels fluid. It is also nice to see real issues portrayed in the show, like suicide, extreme poverty, antisocial behavior, and manipulation. The main character is also lovable because of his simplicity. He does not care about saving others or doing the right thing, but he does care about the well-being of those important to him.
The best legal platforms to watch “Chainsaw Man” are Crunchyroll and VRV, where you can watch the show dubbed or subbed, depending on what you prefer. Bear in mind that “Chainsaw Man” could be gory to some, so make sure you can handle graphic and mature content before watching. However, it does not get too explicit with a lot of the dark themes brought up. Overall, “Chainsaw Man” is a well-made series that has justified its hype.