Pinterest is the best


Screen capture by Monserat Olivera

Monserat Olivera, Staff Writer

People have been pinning their interests since 2010. Haha. Pinterest has always been used as a platform where people share creative ideas, by focusing more on visuals. People are able to share and find so many pictures and videos. Additionally, everyone’s feed is made for you, so they add a personal touch. It can be used to find style inspiration, band posters to decorate your room, hairstyles to try, etc. You’re also able to put your own pictures to inspire others. 

The platform is very organized. You’re able to pin different pictures into certain categories based on whatever you chose. However, you’re also able to see them all at the same time. Since their algorithm is based on the user, you’ll likely find pins you want to see. Additionally, a camera feature allows you to take a picture of someone, and pins that relate to it show up. It’s useful if you’re trying to find something that particular, like searching for how to style a certain pair of shoes. 

Basically, Pinterest is a search engine. You’re able to search for keywords like “pixel GIF PNG,” “chingu brown,” and “georgian beige” to get certain pictures that all correlate to certain aesthetics. Overall, I think the app makes sure that you’re looking at the type of pictures you want to find. However, it is not that addictive. It’s calm to look at pictures you like, and you don’t have to worry about whose picture it is. Inspiration goes a long way because it can inspire you to give your room a makeover or go on a really nice picnic. Furthermore, when you’re working on a project, you can combine pins that all make sense to you together to get inspiration. 

It is an engaging platform that encourages creativity and user interaction. People can like, comment, and share images and videos, making connecting with others with similar interests easy. The platform’s group boards also allow users to collaborate and share content with like-minded individuals. You can actually link a Pinterest post to an Instagram post. This would allow you to get more likes on your Instagram post and more people would be able to view it. 

There isn’t much negativity that can come from Pinterest. How could anyone be mad by looking at pretty pictures? It’s hype, I like it. You can really find anything there. Being surrounded by like-minded creative posts can be a breath of fresh air on the internet. While other platforms like TikTok are about being fast-paced and likes, Pinterest is tied to the individual. It’s up to you to decide how long you’re going to be on the platform. It’s up to you whether you would like to save a post and whether you like to or not. Even the heart button is small, allowing for it not to be the main focus when looking at a post. 

In short, Pinterest has become my favorite social media platform. It has unique features, it’s visually appealing, the search engine is really smart, and you are able to walk away with new inspiration. It is also really relaxing looking at pretty pictures while listening to music.