My Plans for Summer 2023


Providence Canyon. Photo by Sabrina Saturday

Shae Cotter, Reporter

It’s that time of year: early May, finals rapidly approaching, work loads becoming heavier and heavier, and the end of another school year seems at once imminent and years away. With all of the stress that comes with this time of year, a welcome escape after another long day (or in the middle of class) often comes for me in the form of looking forward to summer and imagining the weeks of freedom with no obligation, when I can finally find time for things I’ve long wanted to do, but haven’t had time for. With that being said, here are seven activities I’m looking forward to this summer!


  1. Lounging at the Pool

First is one of the simplest activities on the list, but one of the most exciting ones to me! I personally can’t wait to enjoy the beautiful weather sure to come this summer poolside. Whether reclining in a flimsy chair and soaking up the sun with a good book in hand, or just lounging in the cool, chlorinated water, finally getting to go the pool is something I look forward to all year, and hours spent there soon are sure to be some of the highlights of my summer.


  1. Going Back to Ponce City Market

A big part of summer for me is making time to do things I’ve been meaning to do for a long time, but haven’t found the time for. I haven’t been to Ponce City Market in years, and I can’t wait to finally make plans to go with friends out of the group chat and spend a day exploring it. I remember seeing so many tempting restaurants there that I’ve always wanted to try, and I loved seeing the bustling crowds and modernity of the many businesses, small ones and chains alike, inside the historic building. Walking down the BeltLine nearby was really fun as well, and the colorful art displays and lively restaurants along the way made the experience. 


  1. Having More Movie Nights

One of my favorite parts of summer is taking more time to enjoy simple pleasures, and having more movie nights is definitely going to make for great memories this summer. A lot of the time during the school year, I’m so busy with school, clubs, and sports that I’m too tired at night to stay up late enough to get through a full movie, but so much of the time there’s nothing better than curling up on the couch with plenty of snacks and blankets and watching a good (or even enjoyably mediocre) movie, especially if family or friends are involved. There’s countless movies that I haven’t yet found the time to watch or re-watch, just waiting to be enjoyed this summer, hopefully with plenty of snacks and tissues on hand.


  1. Plenty of Shopping Runs

Shopping is probably one of my biggest guilty pleasures, and this summer I can’t wait to replenish my wardrobe at malls and thrift stores all over Atlanta with friends. I love the slightly exhilarating feeling of walking into a new store and taking in the wide variety of options. Loading up with hanger after hanger of clothes to try on until my hands and wrists ache, especially if the clothes are a big departure from my usual style, is so exciting to me. Even when I know I probably won’t buy anything, just wandering around aimlessly with friends, especially if a trip to the food court is involved, is enough to make my day.


  1. Redecorating My Room

I’ve been meaning to mix up my room decor for a long time, and after taking down a lot of my old decorations, my room has felt somewhat empty for months. After painstakingly cultivating a Pinterest board with hundreds of pinned ideas for this purpose, I’m hoping to finally commit to redecorating this summer and spending many afternoons testing out new possibilities with posters, photographs, and other media to create a space that feels right. 


  1. Reconnecting With Old Hobbies and Finding New Ones

Countless times recently I’ve found myself wishing I had devoted more time to an old hobby, or had found the time to start something new. This summer I’m hoping to spend a lot more time on activities that have fallen out of my rotation, like playing piano, baking, running, reading, and journaling, all things that sound really simple, but things that I know will bring me simple pleasure once I re-incorporate them in my day-to-day life. In terms of new interests, there are many I hope to pick up and develop this summer. I’ve always wanted to learn more about photography and film, and classes at the Spruill might be something to look into!


  1. Exploring New Areas in Georgia

Last, but not least, I can’t wait to get out in nature a lot this summer. It’s hard to find time to take the two hour drive to the mountains during the school year, but hopefully this summer there’ll be time for plenty of hiking and camping up north. To the south, on the other hand, I’ve been wanting to visit the colorful Providence Canyon near Columbus for months, and this summer seems like the perfect opportunity. In terms of areas closer to home, though, I’ve always enjoyed the forested recreational areas in Roswell a lot, and would love to pay more visits to parks on the Chattahoochee, especially if kayaking is involved!