Knowing When to Give Up

Rasesh Joshi, Reporter

People often think that if they’re faced with the option to push back against their hardships, they should devote everything they have to the effort. As humans, we’ve glorified and valued the people in history who have challenged the oppressors that struck them down. While it’s important to remember and cherish those who never gave up in the face of adversity, it’s just as important to surrender at times and choose our battles wisely.

Giving up can come in many forms. Whether it’s ending a relationship, quitting a job, or letting go of a dream, we are constantly faced with the decision to either keep fighting or accept things for how they’ll be. Giving up often carries the negative stigma of being regarded as a weakness, and it’s pretty clear to see where this comes from. To an outside observer, seeing someone relinquish their efforts in an activity can be seen as a lack of tenacity in their character. Because of this, people will often sacrifice meaningful parts of their lives to succeed in a goal that is either unachievable or not worth pursuing just to avoid giving up.

There are many scenarios where giving up can be beneficial or even the best option. For example, oftentimes, abandoning an effort can lead someone to move on to an activity that is more fulfilling and better suited for them compared to suffering through something that is either not worth the endeavor or will surely end in failure. In some cases, giving up can also lead to finding new approaches to the problem that wasn’t previously obvious.

Although it sounds easy, giving up and taking failure can be difficult to accept, especially after someone invests much of their time, energy, and sentiments into a goal. Coping with the emotions of loss and defeat is tough to deal with and can exact a great toll, but with support from family and friends, moving on and continuing to live life to the fullest can be accomplished. Learning how to manage feelings and taking time to grieve is critical for us to lead a prosperous and happy life. 

Ultimately, choosing to prioritize your well-being is just as critical as toiling to achieve the plans that you set out for yourself. Knowing when to give up exhibits bravery in its own right by showing wisdom in how one spends their time in life. Finding the balance between fighting for what you love and knowing when to give up is essential to living a healthy, wealthy, and happy life.