One Last Hurrah: Senior Fun Day 2023


Senior play day logo courtesy of the @chambleeclassof2023 instagram.

Mallory Reid, Reporter

As the class of ‘23 approaches their final days of high school, Chamblee holds one last day of festivities to wrap up the four years spent at Chamblee High. Planned by senior sponsors Heather Miller and Calandra Peyton, senior fun day consists of many activities including various food trucks, face painting, a bouncy castle obstacle course, and more. 

Senior class sponsor Heather Miller gives insight into what being a class sponsor entails. 

“This is our second year [being senior sponsors], both Miss Peyton and I started last year, and that was our first go. We had no idea what we were getting into. We knew it was going to be big but we didn’t know it was gonna be this big. It is an enormous position,” said Miller. “We have to organize all the caps and gowns and all the tassels and all the cords and all the programs, we have senior breakfast that’s usually early in September, we have monthly events that we coordinate— those are those little coffee days and all that— and then our big event is the senior play day, which is like field day but for grownups because you guys are almost grown-ups.”


Miller shares what seniors should expect from senior fun day as it’s only the second year doing it since the pandemic. 

“Senior fun day last year was the first one since COVID so whatever money we knew we had coming in we wanted to spend it on activities,” said Miller. “We have food trucks, to savory food trucks and then we have sweet food trucks. It’s basically just the carnival festival type of feel. It’s kind of like if you’ve ever gone to a festival or a carnival. It’s like that but smaller.” 

Other activities seniors can expect include hamster ball races, a dunk tank, dance trucks, and basketball. 

“I mean we have bouncy castles, we have something called hamster ball races, where you get inside of this big balloon and you roll [in] it down this track which is hilarious. There’s a dance truck, a dunk tank, a bubble lady, one of those 360-degree selfie stick cameras, a basketball thing, and sidewalk chalk as well,” said Miller. 

Miller’s most rewarding part of senior play day is getting to see the students channel their inner child for a day.

“The most fun part of play day is it being a mix between field day and a carnival and it’s just a happy day,” said Miller. When the seniors let themselves be a kid for a few minutes, seeing that on their faces and their body language just giggling like their little fifth graders, that’s the best memory that I have from last year and I anticipate it’s going to happen this year as well.” 

Senior class president, Ryan Lovejoy (‘23), shares his role in planning senior play day.

“My role has basically been a lot of brainstorming with the senior officers,” said Lovejoy. “We’ve sort of just been tossing ideas of what we wanted. So once we have these ideas brainstormed, we hand it off to the senior sponsors and they’re the ones who  contact vendors and stuff to make it possible.” 

Lovejoy shares what senior fun day involves.

“We’re gonna have a lot of good food vendors, so get ready. We’re also going to have a lot of field activities and some activities where you can get wet so make sure to wear stuff that you’re okay getting wet,” said Lovejoy.

As senior class president, Lovejoy has enjoyed his role this year and is looking forward to still being involved in the future. 

“I feel like just making an impact on this role, even if it’s just small. It’s been fun to be able to contribute to this, especially in the future because I will be in charge of planning reunions,” said Lovejoy. 

Cameron Pfau looks forward to senior fun day as it’s one of the last days all the seniors will be together commemorating their time at Chamblee. 

“My expectations are for it to be a fun day for all the seniors to hang out because it’s probably one of our last times together. I think there’s going to be a lot of fun games, I remember last year I saw a bunch of pictures from the seniors and it was them blowing bubbles and hanging out on the field and it looked like a lot of fun,” said Pfau. 

Post senior play day, Pfau thought it was a great way to wrap up senior year. 

“Overall it was so much fun and was a nice way to take the stress off the end of senior year,” said Pfau. “My favorite part was racing my mom in the hamster balls.”

Looking back at her memories at Chamblee, Pfau shares she’ll miss playing on the soccer team and all the friends she made. 

“Honestly I’m probably going to miss playing soccer the most at Chamblee because I feel like it’s been such a big part of my four years,” said Pfau. “And all my friends of course.”