Ultimate Frisbee Catches the State Championship


Chamblee plays in the Ultimate Frisbee State Championship (Photos Courtesy of Toby Russell).

Simran Kukreja, Staff Writer

Chamblee’s Ultimate Frisbee Team won the state championship in their respective category last Sunday, April 30th. The team has done well in countless games, as they make sure to practice twice every week in the spring season. Captains, Toby Russell (‘23) and Sophie Marie Morgan (‘23), dedicated time to prepare their team for the championship.

“We worked really hard with our coaches to make sure that we understood all of the fundamentals, so all we had to do was perform 100% on game day,” said Russell. 

As for personal methods, junior Owen Veith practices by himself, which helped him make his own highlights. 

“Everything frisbee-related is with the team, but I do conditioning on my own. My favorite part was when I dove to knock down a throw, which set up a score for our team,” said Veith. 

Brendan Cole (‘25) also practices without his team members by playing outside of school.

“On vacation, I like to bring a Frisbee. Sometimes, I throw with my mom and dad,” said Cole. 

The field conditions were rough, as Ultimate is an uncommon sport, but some great plays still occurred.

“There was an amazing catch that someone made, where they slid on the muddy field before catching it, and it was really cool,” said Cole. 

While there were many high points at the championship, some players experienced lows of their own. 

“Personally, I think I did not perform well. I was not playing as perfectly as I should have been. I was getting upset with what position I was playing, and I did not really know my role on the team for some of the games,” said Russell. 

Since Chamblee is a relatively new team, the members know they need to put in effort for the next season.

“I think we are pretty good compared to other schools, especially the seniors. I do not know if the underclassmen are, so we have some work to do,” said Cole.

Despite the low points, the State Championship was a special experience for the team, 

“I had a really good time watching my teammates and cheering them on from the sideline. In some games, I did play and refine,” said Russell. “So, I am pretty happy with the performance, but I think it could have been a lot better. I am excited to play in the future.”