My Take On Prom Looks


Mallory’s dress in question. Photo courtesy Mallory Reid

Mallory Reid, Reporter

As everyone knows, prom is the one night out of the year to dress up and look your very best. For some this means getting extravagant hair and makeup done and picking out the most expensive dress in the store, and for others this means their everyday makeup routine and wearing a hammy down dress from their older sibling. Nonetheless, the fun in prom is seeing  how everyone approaches their look for the night differently. At least for me I can see by the way people are dressed how much the night meant to them. 

This year, I split the prom style into two categories: one being the over the top, “Sheri Hill” dress inspired look, and the second being more of a classy, tea party inspired look. And don’t get me wrong I think some people can rock the over the top look if it’s done a certain way, but sometimes, in my eyes, it can look a little tacky. When I think of this look, I think of over the top, bright colored dresses, with a million sequins, and feathers from head to toe, ranging from 600 to over 1000 dollars. I picture these dresses with professional hair and makeup that you can tell took hours to perfect. And while it is prom and you should go all out, I think sometimes it can be a little too much. This year I leaned more towards the second category, which my vision of that includes a timeless dress, something with either pretty flower pattern or all one color. I picture a pastel colored dress fitting perfectly with the spring season. Something so simple, but still elegant. Something I would look back at in twenty years and still think it was a pretty dress. 

Now when scrolling endlessly online to find this said dress I ran into a few problems. One of those major problems being what color to choose. I knew it needed to be cool toned, like a light purple or blue. Trying to stay away from bright red, orange and yellow. However, while looking at a million dresses on pinterest, nothing was calling my name. Until something came to me. A vision flashed into my brain and I asked myself this: “why don’t I do white?” Now I know you may be thinking, “that’s so basic” or “won’t she look like a bride?” While yes, those are all valid opinions, I think white was the perfect balance between not too much, but just enough. It was elegant and simple and even better it matched with every person I took pictures with. I also assumed I wasn’t going to stand out much wearing this dress, but wearing a color that not many people think to wear to prom made the dress stand out even more. Aside from figuring out the perfect color, I knew the exact style I wanted, something with a little more fabric than just a plain dress, but not too much where it looks over the top. And while scrolling on Revolve I found it. The perfect dress. It was all white with lace detailing and I knew it was the one for me. Immediately ordered and it fit like a glove. I knew it was all meant to be. 

While the over the top look isn’t for me, I can totally see why people would want to go that route, I mean, it is prom after all.