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The official newspaper of Chamblee High School, preserving the past for the future today!

The official newspaper of Chamblee High School, preserving the past for the future today!

The Blue & Gold

The official newspaper of Chamblee High School, preserving the past for the future today!

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What Your Boba Order Says About You

Cozy up with your favorite and find out who you really are
The best order at TeaTop, also known as Milk Foam Wintermelon. Photo courtesy of Simran Kukreja

Wintermelon Milk Tea

You are the only person in the shop who is getting winter melon unless you have brought your whole friend group who also orders the fun drink. You are allergic to change, and either have a hard time trusting people or tell your whole life story to complete strangers. Your opinions on people and topics can change very quickly, but you are loyal to those you love. What is that Pinterest screen time at though?


Thai Milk Tea

You appreciate the simple things in life, and can enjoy this cheap and classic drink any time of the day. You like stability in life, meaning you most likely have some every day routine. You appreciate familiarity, which is why you do not usually branch out from this boba order. 


Jasmine Milk Tea

You are a minimalist who is all about aesthetics. I wish my Instagram feed could look as good as yours does. Why do you always smell amazing too?? Only thing is: you definitely can not handle criticism and are the most sensitive out of your friends. You probably just took that personally. 


Any Fruit Flavored Tea

You are in the top 1% of nicest people alive. You are chill, down-to-earth, quiet, and enjoy deep conversations. Your friends come to you for advice, and for good reason: you always help. You like lychee and passion fruit too, and regularly switch between the flavors.


Classic Milk Tea

Some people might say you are basic, but you are just going with the safe option here because you know it will never be bad. You are someone people can rely on, which is why you choose a boba order that you can rely on. You definitely try to blend in with others, so as to not bring attention to yourself. However, it is time for you to get rid of your high standards and taste the other flavors life has to offer. Please order something other than chicken tenders and fries at restaurants, too. The meal is not all that. 


Brown Sugar Milk Tea

There is no way you do not have a sweet tooth. You order this drink every time you get boba, which is often, so it makes sense why you call yourself a boba connoisseur. You either get 100% sugar or little to none depending on how bad that sweet tooth is. You are certainly the most hyperactive out of your whole friend group, and they love that about you.


Hazelnut Milk Tea

You love chocolate, and chose Hazelnut because it sounded appealing. You are literally a child. No other explanation needed. 


Oolong Milk Tea

You are more focused on possibilities rather than probabilities. You are undoubtedly creative, and have some talented artistic skills. You lose track of time from constantly daydreaming, but you do not mind that. You prefer history and English to math and science, but you do well in all subjects at school. You are cool, and we would get along great. 


Strawberry Milk Tea

You are definitely going to ask for less ice and sugar because you think it is bad otherwise. You are either a picky eater or this is your first time getting boba and strawberries are your favorite fruit. You are not Asian, but you can appreciate the culture. I do not have any respect for you. Sorry, just get a milkshake.


Coffee Milk Tea

You enjoy coffee ice cream, too. You get maybe five hours of sleep every night if you are lucky. You are cranky all the time, and in no way a morning person. Take a break and relax, not everything has to be done in a rush. You really need to do something about that caffeine addiction and this order unless you are like 40, which makes this drink okay. 


Passionfruit Milk Tea

You have the best music taste ever, which is why you spend hours making Spotify playlists in your free time. You are overall a very lively person to be around, and your friends appreciate your amazing sense of humor. Summer is your favorite season.


Earl Grey Milk Tea

You are either very stylish or an Asian man wearing a Uniqlo shirt. You have good hygiene, and make sure to take care of yourself. You tend to be introverted, but you have solid friends that you cherish. 


Taro Milk Tea

You consider yourself to be quirky, but in reality you are not. You know where all of the good boba shops are, and you generally have good taste. This is a step up for you from the classic milk tea, so props to you. You also probably have a weird obsession with Evangelion. 


Matcha Milk Tea

You are edgy and still recovering from your past indie phase. You like wearing eyeliner, and your wings are even every time. You are addicted to anything Matcha, and get Matcha-related drinks at every drink shop you go to. You might even have Matcha powder at home… You will post about your boba trip on your spam/private story because you are a very talkative person. If you order this with red beans, then you are a cultured Asian.

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About the Contributor
Simran Kukreja
Simran Kukreja, Staff Writer
Simran Kukreja (‘24) is a junior and Staff Writer for the Chamblee Blue & Gold. In five years, she hopes to be happy with where her life is heading. Her three favorite things are her Mathnasium students, iced match green tea lattes with two pumps of chai and vanilla sweet cold foam, and Spotify.
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