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The official newspaper of Chamblee High School, preserving the past for the future today!

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The official newspaper of Chamblee High School, preserving the past for the future today!

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The Absolute Best Cat Videos on Instagram

Drop What You’re Doing and Watch These Right Meow!
A photo of the author’s cats: Pinkalicious and Timmy. Photo by Finley Malone

I hate to admit it, but the feline influencers that roam around Instagram are the only reason that I have the app downloaded. Over my year-long Instagram journey, I have selected many videos that are particularly spectacular and would like to save you the hours that you would’ve spent scrolling by giving you all of my top favorites. You’re welcome.

Sometimes I’m Alone Cat

The best cat videos are those that fall in the category of singing cats. This amazingly talented cat seemingly says the words, “Sometimes I’m alone. Sometimes I’m not. Sometimes I’m alone. Hello?” through somber meows, though the cat looks particularly happy with this state of being. This brilliant video of an introverted cat has been turned into a very popular sound used in many adorable cat reels, which is incredibly catchy and should be added to all of your future Spotify playlists!

Long-Winded Cat

This cat sure has a lot to say when it gets a rough head pat! The translated version of this cat’s song is definitely too foul for me to type in this school paper. Just know that it is on par with DaBaby!

Drugged Spa Cat

This video is iconic for so many reasons. One of them being the sedated nature of this cat even as it is given a fuzzy robe and an adorable handmade face mask. This video sure makes you want to treat your cat to massages and cucumber masks, though I know that my cats would leave me a very unpleasant surprise on my pillow if I ever tried.

French Quaso Cat

This genius reel mocks the way that some people say the word croissant. The voiceover recites the words “Today I wanted to eat a croissant. QUASO! So I went to a place that sells croissants. QUASO! And I bought a croissant. QUASO!” Every time the word “QUASO” is said so enthusiastically, the cat jumps a very high distance or climbs a tree, energized by the funny pronunciation. Plus, the cat is wearing a French beret! How is that not awesome?

Jazz Cat

The term “jazz cat” has been used to describe a particularly talented musician. However, in this literal rendition of the term, a skilled black cat sings the blues with swagger and style. I find this cat’s sense of rhythm and confidence to be very impressive. Who knows what dilemma the cat chose to sing for the blues? Maybe an empty food bowl? Whatever the cat is wailing about, I feel it in my soul.

Must Follow Cats

Almost half of the accounts that I follow are of the feline species. I understand that you probably would rather keep most of the accounts you are following as humans, which is fine! If you do want to dabble in the famous cat genre, here are a couple that are worth checking out: maplexfern, spongecake_thescottishfold siberian_reinhardt, cats_in_food, and the Netflix-famous friarandvesper.

All of these videos and accounts are worth checking out no matter if you like cats or if you are insane. Though, if you have trouble appreciating the subtle genius of these videos, this just means that you do not have the brain capacity to see it, which really sucks for you.

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About the Contributor
Finley Malone, Staff Writer
Finley Malone (‘26) is a sophomore and Staff Writer of the Blue and Gold. She hopes to be doing super cool college things with super cool college people in 5 years. Her three favorite things are Paint by Numbers, The Office, and her little angel of a cat, Pinkalicious.

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    Elizabeth AvettSep 20, 2023 at 11:44 am

    What fun!! Thank you for gathering all of this entertaining video clips!