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Princesses, Fairies, Frogs and a Beast!

The Greatest Disney Animated Films of All Time
Girl dinner and “Frozen!” Photo by Anna Kate Flood

Disney has always been popular among people. No matter what age they are or genre they prefer, people can often bond over some of the classic Disney movies. Growing up, I was no different. After years of thought and experience put into Disney movie watching, I have composed the ultimate list of the greatest animated Disney films of all time. 

1. Tangled                                   

There is no need for an argument, this is the best Disney princess movie ever.

2. Frozen

In Frozen, we witness how powerful true love can be and how important family is. The sisterly love between Anna and Elsa is so powerful that it brings Anna back to life after she died from a frozen heart. To add, the plot twists throughout the movie keep you on your toes the whole time. Anna had the chance to save herself from death by running to Kristoff, but instead she chose to save her sister from Hans who was about to kill Elsa. This caused Anna to run out of time and she died from the frozen heart. Elsa was devastated and began to cry, and this act of true love between Elsa and Anna is so powerful that it causes Anna’s frozen heart to melt and she comes back to life. This movie also opens the idea that romantic love is not the only form of true love and shows us the importance of family relationships. Not to mention, this movie is a musical masterpiece. 

3. Moana

I enjoyed how Moana tied in more cultural aspects and mythology to the story. I loved the addition of Moana’s grandmother and her connection to the stingrays. My favorite character would have to be Tamatoa because of his energy and his song in the movie. A key point to take away is that violence does not lead to success. When Moana is giving the heart back to Tafiti, she has to act patient and kind so the lava monster doesn’t kill her. 

4. Ratatouille

Ratatouille was not necessarily inspirational, but rather just a more fun and low-key movie. It was very creative and yet showed important messages throughout. I enjoyed the European aspects and the more French approach. I also thought the addition of the food critic’s background was very meaningful. Although I didn’t think the movie was as deep as others, it was just as entertaining. 

5. Zootopia

When I first watched this movie, I didn’t enjoy it much. However, it quickly began to grow on me for many reasons. I absolutely love murder mysteries, and this animated film fits perfectly into that category. It has a perfect balance of scarier parts, funnier parts and deeper, more meaningful parts. I think all the characters in this movie were written really well and the casting was perfect as well. I love Judy Hops’ determination throughout the movie although sometimes it does seem annoying. Another great character, Nick Wild, is the perfect character to balance out her extra personality. 

6. Beauty and the Beast

You can never go wrong with this one, it’s a classic. The character development throughout this movie is spectacular. At the beginning of the movie, The Beast was a horrible person who wouldn’t help anyone, and by the end, he would do anything for Belle. The Beast was willing to make sacrifices for Belle, unlike Gaston. He told Belle to go back home so she could be with her father and to be more safe, even though he wanted her to stay with him. In contrast, Gaston only wanted Belle for himself, he wouldn’t do anything for her. All the characters and their relationships in this movie are fascinating, they were all so supportive of The Beast, even though he is the reason they are all cursed.

7. The Secret of the Wings

THIS MOVIE IS SO UNDERRATED!! It is about TInkerbell’s long lost sister and the story of how they met and became friends. We get to experience the struggle they have to stay connected when they are from two different worlds. In the movie, there is an explanation of the backstory of the fairies’ leader, which is by far the most interesting part of the movie. The only reason this movie isn’t higher on the list is because there are only a few songs throughout it. 

8. Mulan

Mulan is so strong and brave, she’s very smart and caring for her family. In the beginning, Mulan struggles to fit into the standard of women and no one thinks she will find a husband. She struggles with confidence and feeling good in her own skin. It’s an amazing movie about female empowerment and respecting family and tradition. Especially today, this movie puts out a great message to girls. This movie also has one of the best Disney soundtracks. 

9. The Princess and the Frog

I love how The Princess and the Frog took such a different approach to a princess movie. Tiana and Charlotte La Bouff’s friendship is so fitting, especially when they are younger. Tiana’s mother is a great role model for any young girl, she exhibits great characteristics: diligence, kindness and sympathy. The songs are very fitting for the overall vibe of the movie. I love the New Orleans city aspect that they added, it adds more cultural details that sets this movie apart from others. 

10. The Incredibles

I love the family dynamic throughout this movie and how it shows their struggle to fit in and pretend to not be superheroes. I also loved how Elastigirl was able to manage being a great mom and saving the world all at one time. She was a great role model for everyone, including her husband. I also loved how Mr. Incredible decided to go after his dreams of being a superhero again. The best character in this movie is easily Edna Mode. A comic relief character is always important in a show but they often don’t add much to the plot of the story. However, Edna mode did a great job adding to the plot, humbling the incredible family, and adding humor to the movie. 

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