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The official newspaper of Chamblee High School, preserving the past for the future today!

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The official newspaper of Chamblee High School, preserving the past for the future today!

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The Top 50 Apps on My Phone 

Ironically, Phone is #22
One section of my apartment community on Rent Please! Landlord Sim. Image by Simran Kukreja


  1. Rent Please! Landlord Sim

This app easily takes the number one spot on my ranking because I get to rent out apartments to these tiny cute characters in a suburban neighborhood. I love opening the app to see one of the characters has asked me for advice on their problems, as it is a unique aspect of the game. Cash gets added to my balance when a character’s rent is due, which I can then spend to build community centers, like a clinic, dance studio, and more. I urge everyone to download this app immediately. 

2. App Store

I felt compelled to put the app store at number two since I would not have any of my other apps if the app store did not exist. Big thanks to the app store for being the reason why I can download and play my landlord game. 

3. Brandy US

Every piece of clothing in my closet is from Brandy Melville. Their online store is organized so well, and I love almost all of their designs, which is very rare.

4. Spotify

I constantly listen to music, so Spotify is a necessity for me. I am thankful to my father for endorsing my Spotify premium because I do not think I could handle an advertisement every 30 minutes. Apple Music will never compare to Spotify, 

5. Notes

My notes have the most random things ever, but they are very useful because it keeps me from forgetting those things. I utilize its to-do list to track what homework I have done every day, so I am again compelled to give it a high ranking.

6. Safari

I search for a new question on Safari every 10 minutes. That is no exaggeration. For some reason, Safari has been the highest on my screen time lately, but that might be a result of my reading books online on pdfs addiction. 

7. Tumblr

Honestly, the Tumblr 2016 girl aesthetic is so funny to me, and I will gladly scroll through the blogs for hours.

8. Pinterest

I feel like everyone who has Pinterest would rank it high on their lists because of its versatility. You can find literally anything on Pinterest, trust me. 

9. Snapchat

I only recently started using Snapchat again, but I do not know why I ever stopped. It is so fun to send my friends snaps, and I already have favorite filters.

10. Photos 

I love scrolling through my photos whenever I am bored because the app holds so many memories. A lot of them are screenshots that I need to get rid of, but I am too lazy to select what to keep from 15,000 photos. 

11. Find my

This might be a little weird, but I use this app 24/7 to check my friend’s locations. I am a stalker at heart, so I like knowing where my friends are at all times. 

12. Messages

Messages is how I stay connected with my friends, as I am not the biggest fan of texting on Instagram or Snapchat. I like the set up of my messages because it just looks so clean to me.

13. Clock

Clock at spot 13 might be surprising, but I would not wake up in the morning if I did not have 50 alarms set. 


14. Crossy Road

I had the biggest Crossy Road phase last year, but I have grown out of it. I am still in the top 1% of players though!

15. Amazon

Amazon might be a monopoly, but I do not care because it has literally everything I could possibly need. In my household, we get at least three Amazon packages every week. 

16. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is one of my favorite streaming services, as I can find a lot of my favorite shows on it. Only negative thing about it is that the membership plan is too expensive.

17. Disney+

Another one of my favorite streaming services, especially because it holds all of the Marvel movies.

18. Starbucks

The Starbucks app allows me to efficiently order my iced matcha green tea lattes with two pumps of chai and vanilla sweet cold foam, therefore no other explanation is needed. 

19. Reddit

I like reading people’s experiences on Reddit, and sometimes the app actually offers good advice.

20. Netflix

Netflix would be higher if they stopped taking off all of the good shows.

21. Phone + FaceTime

22. Calculator

I forget my calculator all of the time at home, so this app comes in handy. Twenty-two might be pushing it, but my physics work would be blank if not for the calculator app. 

23. Depop

If I were writing this last year, I would have put Depop first, but now I barely use this app to shop. Brandy has consumed all of my money.  

24. CapCut

It is really fun to make edits on CapCut, and I have made five of my friends in the past week. 

25. Books

I know a lot of people do not use the Books app, but I read a lot of pdfs, so I usually download them to the Books app before reading. It has features to track your progress, annotate, and even move the book to a completed category when you finish. 

26. Duolingo

Do not hate on Duolingo. I am going to be fluent in the 10 languages I have lessons on very soon.  

27. Going balls

One of my friends introduced me to this app, so we had this phase where we played it a lot together, but we have both grown out of it. I occasionally play when I am extremely bored.

28. YouTube

I do not watch YouTube as much as I used to, but I have large feelings of nostalgia about the app in general. 

29. Reminders

This app reminded me to study for my math test last week, which I am so grateful for. That was the first time I ever set a reminder, but it will definitely not be the last. 

30. Settings 

Settings is basically the control center for our phones, and it is not appreciated enough, so I am here to change that. My next op-ed might have to be a love letter to settings. 

31. Chick-Fil-A

Chick-Fil-A’s app for members is the best point rewards system I have ever seen. The points per purchase is very fair, and you often get extra rewards if you fill out surveys or things like that.

32. Google Photos

This app holds all of me and my brother’s baby photos, which is so wholesome to look back on.

33. Ticketmaster 

I love going to concerts, and Ticketmaster is my favorite app to buy tickets. I have never had a problem with it or the tickets I buy on it. 

34. SUSH

On SUSH, you can own pet sushis with your friends. Both people must take care of the pet once a day or else the sushi dies, which has happened to me too many times to count. Rest in peace kimchi. 

35. Etsy

I like supporting small businesses, so I think Etsy is a very cool app to shop on. There is such a variety, I love it.

36. Photo Roulette

This game is so fun to play with a large group of people, especially if you do not know them very well. You basically have to guess which photo belongs to who, so I love playing this during bus rides or free time in school.

37. Google Drive

38. Word Cookies

This app is another game I have grown out of, but it will always hold a special place in my heart.

39. Maps

I need to know how to get to my friends’ houses, obviously. 

40. When I Work

This app is where and how I schedule my work, which equals shifts, which equals money, which equals more Brandy clothes. 

41. Canvas Student

I like having Canvas on my phone because it makes it easier for me to check when my assignments are due and upload documents not on my computer. 

42. Outlook

I use Outlook to check all of my emails, so if I did not have it on my phone, then I could potentially miss a Brandy restock alert.

43. Chase

If I had more money in my checking account, then I would rank this higher. 

44. Otter

I only use this app for Journalism, but it is very helpful. 

45. Docs

I always delete this app because I think I do not need it, but then I end up downloading it again for something, so I think it will stay. 

46. Whatsapp

I use Whatsapp to communicate with my relatives in India, but I do not go on it other than that.

47. 3D

Yet another game I grew out of, but my stats are forever. 

48. Makeover Studio 3D

My friend and I have this game as a joke, but it is actually lowkey fun.

49. Canva

I do not use Canva very often, but it is helpful for creating projects in school.

50. Student

Infinite Campus, on my phone as Student, stresses me out so bad that it must be this low. I get a mini heart attack everytime I see a notification.

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Simran Kukreja, Staff Writer
Simran Kukreja (‘24) is a junior and Staff Writer for the Chamblee Blue & Gold. In five years, she hopes to be happy with where her life is heading. Her three favorite things are her Mathnasium students, iced match green tea lattes with two pumps of chai and vanilla sweet cold foam, and Spotify.

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