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The official newspaper of Chamblee High School, preserving the past for the future today!

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The official newspaper of Chamblee High School, preserving the past for the future today!

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The Top Ten Best Episodes of The Office

In My Not So Humble Opinion
The author posing in front of the best TV series in the history of the world. Photo courtesy of Finley Malone

The Office has always been my number-one comfort show. I have watched each episode an estimated 20 times (not at all an exaggeration). About three years ago, when  I discovered that the actresses who played Pam and Angela in the show had a wonderful podcast called Office Ladies, my obsession continued. I have to admit, choosing my favorite episodes was one of the hardest things that I have ever been tasked to do, as every single second of this show is perfect in every way. Here are my top 10 favorite episodes of The Office:

  • Stress Relief

This episode is particularly genius, as it ran after the Super Bowl. The cold open itself is fabulous with Dwight staging a fake fire to test the office’s safety preparedness. There are so many different moments that make me laugh out loud every time that I see the episode, especially Dwight cutting the face off of the CPR training dummy. This is the most amazing episode of television ever written and I will not accept otherwise.

  • Dinner Party

Babe, this episode is one of the most cringy episodes of all time, babe, which makes it one of the best, babe! I love Jan and Michael’s awkward relationship and Jan’s slow journey to insanity. I have to admit, “That One Night”, the song written by Jan’s assistant Hunter plays in my brain on repeat!

  • Casino Night

Not only is this episode the head of some great Jim and Pam drama with the big kiss at the end, Michael invites both Jan and Carol to casino night at the office and has to drop a deuce! It is a fantastic end to season two!

  • The Inner Circle

There is no one in existence that does not like Will Ferrell. He is the epitome of funny. Though his arc is short, the character of Deangelo Vickers is perfect comedically and a great successor to Michael Scott. 

  • The Finale

You cannot create any list of The Office episodes without including The Finale. It sums up the show amazingly, even bringing back Steve Carell as Michael Scott. Every time I watch this episode, I shed a few tears. It is such a beautiful ending for the show!

  • Special Project

In this episode, Dwight is given the task of planning a team to go to Florida to create retail stores for Sabre. Any story arc that takes characters out of the office and separates them from the general cast (i.e. the Michael Scott Paper Company and the Stamford Branch) is so fun to watch. I also love any time that Dwight is given any sort of power over the office because of how seriously he takes himself.

  • The Injury

In this episode, Michael Scott burns his foot on a George Foreman grill. He calls himself “disabled” and expects the entire office to treat him accordingly. This episode may make you want to clamp Michael’s face into a George Foreman grill, though it’s pretty funny Dwight crashes into a pole trying to save him causing him to have a concussion, which plays out hilariously.

  • The Michael Scott Paper Company

This episode goes along with my appreciation for when a group of characters go outside of the office. The dynamic between Michael, Ryan, and Pam and everything that comes along with it is fantastic comedy. Michael has to realize that a peanut butter and tuna fish sandwich is not as delicious as he thought it would be.

  • Search Committee

SHUT UP ABOUT THE SUN!!! This episode has fantastic guest stars and a cringy conflict between Andy and Gabe. Gabe’s outburst during Andy’s interview is just iconic! 

  • Beach Games

From hotdog eating contests to coal walks, this episode has everything! Michael believes that he would be hired for the job at corporate, so he uses carnival games to find his successor. I am amused by all of the group dynamics between each team as well as Dwight and Angela sabotaging (I mean sandwiching) Andy. The fact that Andy is floating in Lake Scranton for half of the episode is so funny to me! In addition, Pam’s monologue is touching and empowering. I would walk on hot coals for this episode. It rocks! (Get it?)


Top 3 Best Cold Opens

Just for fun, here are my top three favorite cold opens:

  • Dwight dressing as Jim – Product Recall

Identity theft is not a joke, but this cold open is pretty funny! 

  • Lip Dub – Nepotism

Nobody can do the shimmy like characters in this cold open do! The characters perform a lip dub to the song “Nobody but Me.” It is brilliantly choreographed with seamless transitions and adorable dancing. It never gets old.

  • Dwight’s Fire Drill – Stress Relief

This episode really deserves to be on my list twice. Every part of it is awesome, especially this cold open in which Dwight creates a fire simulation and freaks out everyone in the office.

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