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The official newspaper of Chamblee High School, preserving the past for the future today!

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The official newspaper of Chamblee High School, preserving the past for the future today!

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“Taylor Swift put Travis Kelce on the Map”: Chamblee Takes on Pop Cultures Hottest Pair

Pop star Taylor Swift and NFL Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce’s relationship has broken the news- the celebrity’s publicized dates, hand-holdings, and outings have become the talk of the town, Chamblee being no exception. 

“Taylor Swift has been spotted watching multiple Chiefs games with Travis’ family and friends, they both went on Saturday Night Live together, and Travis talks about her all the time on the podcast he has with his brother. There was even a picture posted of Travis kissing Taylor on the cheek,” said Sydney Grove (‘24).

The constant coverage of their relationship seems to be making each celebrity even more popular. 

“All I did was just look at the photos, but now I know who Travis Kelce is. I think Taylor Swift is making him more popular because I didn’t even know he was a person,” said Kate Lim (‘25).

The public is now watching Kelce’s personal life, as well as his performance on the field. 

“I think everybody’s looking at Travis Kelce a lot more so he’s getting a lot more receptions [when a player catches a pass],” said Matthew Drotar (‘26).

There is even actual evidence to back up the public’s newfound love for Travis. 

“I knew he was in the Super Bowl against his brother, and he was already popular, but just the fact that his jersey sales increased by 400% the day after she was at the game just says something for itself,” said Mary Jury (‘27).

This boost in revenue has occurred not only for Travis, but the whole Chiefs football team. 

“The Chiefs have gotten more popular. It’s the reason why their viewer numbers have tripled,” said Ethan Weiss (‘24). 

Swifties from all over the world have tuned into their games in hopes of getting a glimpse of their favorite pop singer. 

“I feel like right after Taylor Swift started dating Travis, the Chiefs got more popular,” said Tallulah Clute (‘25), “I haven’t even heard anything about them winning the Super Bowl.”

While these new viewers are great for football program views, some long-time fans are not in support. 

“It does make me mad that people are only watching for Taylor Swift, just a little bit,” said Jennifer Zarate (‘24), “But I guess more viewers right?”

The NFL has begun to show Taylor Swift more than some of the players. 

“I think the NFL is overusing Taylor to an extent, the amount of time they show her on TV takes away from the game,” said Jury. 

Unfortunately, the relationship has received backlash based on the decision of the NFL media managers to constantly air it. 

“The relationship is all over the NFL,” said Drotar, “I just want it to go away so I can watch football in peace. I think he’s way better at football and nobody should care about what he’s doing outside of football.”

Whenever Travis’ name is brought up today, Taylor is not far behind. 

“They show her on the TV every time he does something good. He played well last night but every time he would do something good, they’re showing Taylor Swift on the screen. Like bro,” said Kenneth Simmons (‘24).  

Taylor’s appearances at game days have become sources of annoyance for certain Chiefs fans.

“The commentators are being extremely extra about her being there,” said Zarate, “Yeah, she’s a really big Chiefs fan. She’s a really big artist, but they’re overdoing it.”

Too much Taylor Swift is leading to many unhappy football fans. 

“[Their relationship] angers me because I want to check ESPN without seeing Taylor Swift. I want to watch football,” said Drotar.

Most football viewers don’t have a problem with the relationship, just the constant coverage of it. 

“I think it’s a great relationship. It’s a really nice combination, but I definitely think that they should have kept their relationship private because football and the music industry are two different types of situations. Combining them is not good for either side,” said Azarte, “There’s a lot of football players that like Taylor Swift but they don’t like the combination.”

Like it or not, seasoned football fans have simultaneously become more knowledgeable about Taylor Swift just from keeping tabs on their sport. 

“Taylor Swift put Travis Kelce on the map,” said Simmons. 

Many football fans got the other end of it when they found out about Swift. 

“Kelce was my tight end in fantasy football so I watched all of his games and I was in love with him. I didn’t know much about Taylor Swift, but now I know she’s way more famous than I thought she was,” said Drotar.

Their relationship is exposing each celebrity to new demographics and is becoming a topic of conversation.

“I follow the NFL pretty decently so I knew about Travis Kelce before. My sister is actually a Swiftie and I occasionally listen to Taylor Swift music. I know about both of them,” said Weiss, “I was decently surprised about their relationship, considering most of Taylor’s music is about breaking up with some boy.”

Surprise was not an uncommon reaction to the news of Travis and Taylor dating. 

“I mean, it sort of surprised me,” said Mary, “It’s like the first athlete that she’s dated.”

Others agree that their relationship is strictly for more fame. 

“It’s kind of just a media stunt right now,” said Weiss. 

However, many Swifties disagree with this notion. 

“I think it’s so cute. Normally I wasn’t really invested in relationships, it’s just none of my business, you know? Then I saw her at his game and oh my god, it was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life. I’m just here for it and I love it,” said Lim, “They’re made for each other.”

At least for Swifties, Travis and Taylor have the public’s blessing. 

“I’m fine with their relationship,” said Jury, “as long as Travis shaves his mustache at some point.”

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