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The official newspaper of Chamblee High School, preserving the past for the future today!

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The official newspaper of Chamblee High School, preserving the past for the future today!

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The Five Best Sweaters, Ever

(If, that is, a sweatshirt is a sweater)
The writer in her Hollister Cable Knit sweater that’s kinda like a Gilmore Girls sweater.

As the weather gets colder, more and more are rooting through the depths of their closets for sweaters last worn a year ago. Sweaters are one of the quintessential staples of fashion—they’ve been around probably as long as clothes have and yet there are still new, creative variations every year. Similarly, it seems like there’s a new “it-sweater” picked up by Instagram and Tiktok each fall. But don’t fall for sponsored posts and ads—take my top picks instead!


  1. Brandy Melville Stella 

While this sweater may not be the best pick for any weather much colder than 50 degrees, it is by far my favorite this season. It’s perfect for this time of year with a semi-loose knit, and the cutoff sleeves and neckline make it extra-comfy and give it a slightly undone look. While it sadly comes in only one size and is not the most protective against cold winter weather, the Stella sweater has several cute colors and the loose knit provides it some stretchiness. It’s additionally relatively inexpensive and is made of 100% cotton, although it does require hand washing for this reason.


  1. Aritzia Peggy “Preppy Cable” 

I bought my Peggy sweater a few months ago as a birthday present and haven’t yet been able to wear it due to the heat, but even just sitting on a hanger in my closet, it’s already one of my favorites. Opposite to my number one pick, this sweater could probably be worn alone in the middle of a snowstorm without letting you feel even a little chilly. Most of this is due to the composition of merino wool and recycled cotton/nylon, which also likely contributes to an exorbitant price tag. However, I’d argue that it may be worth it due to the flattering oversized look and variety of colors, sizes, and styles (seven different types of knit are offered and a cropped version is also available). According to Aritzia’s website, the sweater “makes the thrift store jealous” —though I would suggest you visit one before dropping $128 on one sweater, it’s certainly a good option if your searches leave you empty-handed. 


  1. Hollister Cable Knit (pictured)

Although no longer sold by Hollister, this sweater was briefly viral last year for its supposed resemblance to that of Gilmore Girls’ Rory Gilmore. Admittedly, I was swayed by the many posts I saw to buy it, but I’m actually quite glad I did. Similar to the Aritzia sweater, the sizes have built in space for a baggier look, and the cable knit pattern is one I’m incredibly partial to. This sweater would be ranked higher if it weren’t for the fact that it basically gives you the same insulation as wearing a tank top. After November of last year, I had to start wearing a fleece long-sleeve underneath it to be able to step outside unscathed. But if you’re willing to do some layering, this sweater is a great pick for the colder months.


  1. Fruit of the Loom Sweatshirt

A sweatshirt is arguably not a sweater, but with the frequency that I find myself stepping out in them after September, I’d say that they’ve earned their spot on this list many times over. Sweatshirts are famously versatile—you could probably find any graphic in any color and any size—but I will probably always prefer a plain crewneck. Although traditional hoodies are good in the case of rain and snow, I find crewnecks to be much comfier, and a plain color gives you more options in terms of pairing and matching with other pieces in your closet. This Fruit of the Loom sweatshirt is both extremely cheap and durable, and comes with a fleece-like lining that still feels like a built-in blanket after many washes. For less than $15, this is probably the best you can get.


  1. Any Cashmere 

Any true sweater fan knows the supremacy of a good cashmere sweater when it’s cold out. In fact, they’re so good that I wasn’t able to pick just one to put on this list. Cashmere, although seemingly less popular over the years, was quite possibly made for sweaters and nothing else. It’s incredibly soft, durable, and lacks the itchiness that other natural fabrics such as mohair fall prone to. A good cashmere sweater is also probably one of the easiest things you can thrift, often for under ten dollars, though for those that want to buy new, it’s much more expensive, ranging from $100-$300 for a good quality sweater. Like any sweater, though, cashmere isn’t without flaws; unless it’s bitterly cold, they can get uncomfortably warm, and it requires diligent hand-washing and prolonged drying times.


Ultimately, it’s hard to go wrong with any sweater you find yourself picking. The best sweater is as individual as a fingerprint—and it’s determined largely by your budget, climate, and personal style. However, there are some universal good qualities, including warmth, value, and durability, all of which are more than acceptable in my five top picks.

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Lauren Cisewski, Editor
Lauren Cisewski (‘25) is a junior and Editor for the Blue and Gold. In five years, she hopes to live close to a good sushi place. Her favorite things are Starbucks, Grey’s Anatomy, and sushi.

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