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The official newspaper of Chamblee High School, preserving the past for the future today!

The official newspaper of Chamblee High School, preserving the past for the future today!

The Blue & Gold

The official newspaper of Chamblee High School, preserving the past for the future today!

The Blue & Gold

    “If I Had a Dollar for Every Time __________, I’d Be Rich.”

    The author legitimately hiding from someone behind a dumpster. Photo by Simran Kukreja

    I Bought a Dandy’s Iced Coffee

    If I had a dollar for every time I bought a Dandy’s iced coffee, maybe I could make back the thousands of dollars I have spent at this donut shop before school. My carpool buddy can confirm that an iced coffee from Dandy Donuts is a necessity every morning. The silly thing is I literally cannot stand coffee from any place else, and I used to classify myself as a coffee hater. To be honest, I still think of myself as a coffee hater, but there is just something different about coffee from Dandy’s. I think everyone needs to give it a try. It is certainly worth the two dollars it costs. 


    I Said the Word “Lowkey”

    The best part of the word “lowkey” is it automatically diminishes the gravity of any statement you could possibly say. For example, “I lowkey want to kill someone” is 10 times less somber than “I want to kill someone.” You can not convince me that this is wrong, especially because I have been guilty of using lowkey to bring up a tough subject and say what is on my mind. Don’t you lowkey agree?


    I Re-watched the First Iron Man Movie 

    The first Iron Man movie has to be in the top 10 MCU movies of all time, and I am ready to die on this hill. To start off, it is the epitome of a classic Marvel movie, as Tony Stark’s story was the perfect way to launch off the rest of the cinematic universe. The CGI is realistic, the plot is interesting, and it has the perfect balance between comedy and action. I will re-watch this movie for the rest of my life. 


    I Hid From Someone 

    What’s the perfect way to get out of talking to someone you do not want to talk to? Hide. This tactic is plain and simple, yet so effective. I can not even begin to explain the amount of times I have hidden behind a wall or tree so that I could avoid conversing with someone I did not like. The only negative is you have to hide before they see you otherwise the person you are hiding from is going to question you and possibly think you are weird. I am speaking from personal experience. 


    I Stuck Out My Tongue at My Best Friends 

    With only five minutes to get to class, the perfect way to acknowledge your closest friends is to stick out your tongue. A wave is for acquaintances, a “hi” is for friends, but sticking out your tongue is a perfect way to greet your friends. If they do not stick out their tongue back, then you need to seriously evaluate your friendship with them. However, I would not recommend doing this to teachers. 


    I Twirled My Hair

    A recent habit I have picked up on is twirling my hair whenever I feel like fidgeting. I do this whenever I am taking notes in class, watching a show, or just talking to someone. It is surprisingly fun and helpful, since it prevents me from going on my phone when my teachers are talking. I also have started braiding and unbraiding small sections of my hair, so I might have a problem with fiddling with my hair.


    I Wore a Brandy Melville Outfit 

    Brandy Melville, in my opinion, is the one of the only clothing stores that makes consistently quality clothes. If I had to close my eyes and randomly pick a top to buy from their website, there is a 99.99% chance that the top chosen would be cute. On average, I think I wear at least seven pieces of clothing from Brandy Melville a week because almost everything in my closet was bought there. Please someone open up a Brandy Melville in Georgia, I am sick and tired of paying shipping fees. 


    I Forgot to Respond to a Message 

    I know that this is one of the lamest excuses for leaving someone on delivered, but I swear I actually forget to respond sometimes, I’ll see a message, reply in my head, and completely forget to text back my message. This is especially worse if I am busy because I only check messages that I get a notification from while I am on my phone. My friends say I am a “bad replier,” but I think they should be sympathetic towards my forgetful nature.


    I Ate Ramen 

    Ramen is one of the smartest and most delicious ideas ever. Not only is the meal quick and easy, but I think it is also a gateway to cooking more, especially if you are the type to fancy up your ramen. It is the perfect after school food for me because I am too lazy to make an actual meal when I get home from a long day. If I ever pass on eating ramen, something is wrong. 


    I Procrastinated on Work 

    This is one of my worst habits, and something I am trying to break. I have come to the conclusion that I work more productively under pressure, but then I cause myself stress for no reason. I am hoping junior year is going to be the end of this cycle, but no promises will be made to myself or others. All that matters is I am getting the work done! (Except for when I accidentally fall asleep and have to turn in work at 3 a.m. when I wake back up).

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    Simran Kukreja
    Simran Kukreja, Staff Writer
    Simran Kukreja (‘24) is a junior and Staff Writer for the Chamblee Blue & Gold. In five years, she hopes to be happy with where her life is heading. Her three favorite things are her Mathnasium students, iced match green tea lattes with two pumps of chai and vanilla sweet cold foam, and Spotify.
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      RaisaDec 7, 2023 at 11:22 am

      i see her every morning walk out of dandy’s with her bland iced coffee