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The official newspaper of Chamblee High School, preserving the past for the future today!

The official newspaper of Chamblee High School, preserving the past for the future today!

The Blue & Gold

The official newspaper of Chamblee High School, preserving the past for the future today!

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Things That Someone Needs To Invent

The writer’s personal diary featuring her ideas for inventions as well as her latest dream. Photo courtesy of Finley Malone

I’m sure that everyone has brainstormed new inventions based on their current predicaments and wishes. I have gathered a list of amazing ideas that any talented entrepreneur can steal as long as they pay me a large sum of money. Once again, you’re welcome.

What’s In Your Refrigerator App

Have you ever gone to the store and not known what you needed or glanced in your refrigerator to find a two-year-old package of feta? With this app, you could scan your refrigerator, and the AI function would catalog all the contents. The app would note the dates that items show up in your refrigerator so that you could avoid growing a mold colony in your produce drawer because, trust me, it’s not fun. In addition, it would use the items in your fridge to recommend recipes, so you can avoid having to go to the dreaded supermarket just to make a tasty chili. 

Happy Light

Have you ever wanted to spread joy when you were on the road? So many people experience “road rage” when people cut them off or drive slowly; however, many fail to realize that many drivers are not purposely malicious on the road. This light would attach to the rear side of your car and resemble a smiley face emoji. When it would flash, it could communicate feeling sorry for inconveniencing another driver or even thanking them for helping you out. With the happy light, you could spread joy and happiness on the road and have a way to express your positive emotions, something that I believe is currently lacking on the road.

Scented Shower Flowers

I don’t know about you, but I always feel upset when I step into my boring, white-tiled shower. It feels prison-like and just incredibly mundane. This invention would spruce up your shower decoration and make every bathing experience happier. In addition to their beauty, the shower flowers would release a floral scent when steam touched them. I’m not sure how the science of that would work, but this is for someone else with a degree in chemistry to figure out! 


Outfit Creator App

I recently watched the movie Clueless and found myself incredibly jealous of Cher’s computer program that picked out her outfits. While I enjoy creating a look on occasion, I find myself stressing out most mornings, unable to craft the perfect outfit. This app would use AI to scan each of your clothing items and check the weather in your area before picking out an incredible outfit. You could demonstrate your preferences by rejecting certain outfits on the app, so over time, the app would sense your style and only suggest clothing that reflected your personality. The app would even suggest clothing pieces to purchase that would better complete your wardrobe. 

Now that I’ve put my brilliant ideas into the world, I expect to see them making an appearance at Walmart within the next month. Of course, when you become a multimillionaire from simply reading this article, remember to buy me something really pretty. I like diamonds.

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Finley Malone, Staff Writer
Finley Malone (‘26) is a sophomore and Staff Writer of the Blue and Gold. She hopes to be doing super cool college things with super cool college people in 5 years. Her three favorite things are Paint by Numbers, The Office, and her little angel of a cat, Pinkalicious.

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