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The official newspaper of Chamblee High School, preserving the past for the future today!

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The official newspaper of Chamblee High School, preserving the past for the future today!

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Ranking Every Concert I’ve Been To 

Steve Lacy and Foushee perform at Re:SET Atlanta. Photo by Simran Kukreja

Here we go:

#1 – Re:SET Atlanta: Steve Lacy

The love I have for Steve Lacy and his music is incomparable to any music artist I listen to. I have been a fan of his for three years now, and seeing him live was the best day of my life. I was unable to get tickets to his first concert, so I knew I had to get tickets when I heard he was coming back to Atlanta as part of a festival. The day of the festival was quite funny because I did not understand it was a festival until the day of. My friend and I got to the venue in the early afternoon, and we were shocked when we found out that Steve Lacy would not be performing until 8:00 in the evening. However, it turned out to be a really great misunderstanding because we were able to hold our spot at the very front in the middle. We did not know any of the other musicians performing, but they turned out to be really good, and my friend and I now listen to two out of the other three artists that performed. Steve Lacy was amazing of course, and I swear we made eye contact at least three times. I am being so serious. This experience was unforgettable, and he will forever be my number one artist. 

#2 – Arctic Monkeys: North American Tour 

I got my ticket for Arctic Monkeys months in advance, causing me to build up a lot of excitement for the concert. The venue was the Ameris Bank Amphitheatre, which added to the concert experience because the structure is outdoors and very pretty. The band’s performance was amazing, and I really appreciated the visuals they had on stage. Me and my friends also danced the whole time, made sure to get merch, and fangirled over Alex Turner, so I have to place this concert at number two. 

#3 – Bryson Tiller: Back and I’m Better 

Bryson Tiller is one of my favorite artists, and his 2023 concert would honestly be number two if not for the people around me. Everyone was pushing and shoving, despite the fact that we were all close to the stage. I did love the setlist Tiller decided on, as it had almost all of my favorite songs of his. I spent a lot of the concert fighting for my spot while singing my heart out. 

#4 – Kali Uchis: Red Moon in Venus Tour 

My ticket for Kali Uchi was actually free, which certainly made the concert 10 times better. My friend’s cousin won a raffle for two tickets, and he decided to let us have them. The venue was the Coca-Cola Roxy, but my friend and I had to wait in the longest line ever to even enter the venue. It actually went on for miles. We did not pay attention to the opener, but we did get super comfy and cute merch while he was singing. Kali Uchis performed beautifully, and all of her songs were perfect to vibe to. Despite the fact that my friend and I were in the very back, we could still see her really well and it gave us more room to dance. 

#5 – NAV: Never Sleep Tour

My friend and I bought general admission tickets two days before this concert, but we had a lot of fun. We somehow pushed to the front of the stage, so we had a really good view of SoFaygo, the opener, and NAV. Out of all of the concerts I have been to, NAV’s concert was the most hype, which added to the experience. I do not remember standing still for one minute, proven by all of my blurry photos and videos from the night. A security guard squirted water in the crowd’s mouth to make sure we were hydrated, so that was fun to watch as well. 

Simran Kukreja (‘25) and Trisha Venkat (‘26) wait for DC The Don. Selfie by Simran Kukreja

#6 – DC The Don: (P)rebirth Tour

Even though this concert is near the bottom of my list, I had an amazing time and cherish this day a lot. DC The Don put on an amazing performance, and the venue was small, so I felt closer to him than other artists I have seen. He interacted with the crowd well, and brought excitement for mosh pits. The two cons I have about this concert are that it was on a school night and I was not a fan of the opener. I was already tired from school, so I think my energy was low compared to how my energy typically is at concerts. The opener felt too long, and I just did not like the way he sang. I think I would have enjoyed this concert more if DC The Don came out earlier. 

#7 – Peter McPoland: Piggy Tour

I only ranked this concert last because me and my friend left after Peter McPoland had sung three songs, as she had to prepare for an APUSH reading check. She ended up getting a 100, and I like to account it to the fact that I asked her to explain the chapters on the check to help her organize her thoughts. The actual concert itself was extremely fun, as the whole crowd was dancing and the lights flickered and changed color. The opener, Stephen Dawes, had some great songs of his own, which I have started to listen to. Although I wish I could have stayed longer at this concert, I am grateful that I got to go at all. 

Concerts create unforgettable memories, so I encourage everyone to splurge when their favorite artist goes on tour. Trust me, it will be worth it.

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Simran Kukreja, Staff Writer
Simran Kukreja (‘24) is a junior and Staff Writer for the Chamblee Blue & Gold. In five years, she hopes to be happy with where her life is heading. Her three favorite things are her Mathnasium students, iced match green tea lattes with two pumps of chai and vanilla sweet cold foam, and Spotify.

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