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The official newspaper of Chamblee High School, preserving the past for the future today!

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The official newspaper of Chamblee High School, preserving the past for the future today!

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The Perfect Dhar Mann for You

Author with the friend she watched “60-Year-Old Sign Spinner FIRED & WINS LOTTO” with. Photo by Lyvia Huang

I was first introduced to Dhar Mann by my sister in seventh grade when quarantine had just started. Although I was definitely not a fan at first and didn’t understand why my sister seemed so into it, I found myself coming back to Dhar’s YouTube channel time and time again, and, to this day, that hasn’t stopped. Dhar Mann, whose main YouTube channel currently has 20.5 million subscribers, is a content creator who creates fictional videos meant to teach viewers life lessons. Watching Dhar Mann is kind of like watching a show, but while many of the videos’ actors appear recurrently, most of their plots, characters, and storylines are separate from each other.

I find Dhar Mann videos entertaining and relaxing to watch as they have plots I can laugh at and aren’t too emotionally taxing to watch. I do have a few favorites, some that I’ve rewatched a couple of times, now that I’ve been a fan for four years, so if you’re interested in getting into Dhar Mann, here are some recommendations for you based on potential life situations you might be experiencing.

  1. If you feel like a guy might come between you and your friend . . .

watch “Best Friends COMPETE Over The SAME GUY ft. Alan Chikin Chow” ( Dhar Mann sometimes collaborates with other content creators or famous people, and this video is the product of a collaboration with fellow content creator Alan Chikin Chow. It’s about two friends who like the same guy and turn against each other because of it. Once they realize that the guy was using both of them the whole time, though, they both learn their lesson, promise to never fight over a guy again, and even get revenge on the guy.


2. If you’re feeling bad about yourself because of social media . . .

watch “Fake Fitness INFLUENCER EXPOSED, What Happens Is Shocking” ( This video tells the story of a girl who does things like pretending to be on a strict diet and recording herself lifting fake weights to become a fitness influencer. She becomes highly successful by running an online program to help clients reach fitness goals. However, eventually, an in-person interaction with a fan reveals all of her lies, teaching viewers that a lot of what’s on social media isn’t real.

3. If you’re considering marrying for money . . .

watch “My Shocking Story E02: She DATED 100 Millionaires To Find TRUE LOVE” ( In this video, a girl agrees to find a wealthy man to marry so that she can get the inheritance her grandmother left her. However, since she doesn’t enjoy the company of any of the millionaires she meets, she fakes a relationship with a waiter (who she pretends is rich) to satisfy her mom. In the end, after truly falling in love with the waiter, she decides to give up the inheritance to be with him. Her mom eventually comes around and gives her the inheritance anyway.

4. If you’re in need of something you won’t know how to react to . . .

watch “Sister Secrets E01: Teen Gets FIRST PERIOD Inside CLASS” ( The character of the mom in this video is very . . . well, watch the video. And what the main character does . . . um . . . just watch it.

5. If you want to watch something wholesome . . .

watch “60-Year-Old Sign Spinner FIRED & WINS LOTTO” ( I watched this one (which is actually from the Dhar Mann Bonus channel, not the main channel) with one of my friends who doesn’t usually enjoy watching Dhar Mann, and even she liked this one. She and I felt really bad for the main character at the beginning of the video, but everything ends up working out for him.

Now that you’ve gotten some recommendations, give Dhar Mann Studios a try. It may end up replacing your favorite show.

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Lyvia Huang
Lyvia Huang, Editor
Lyvia Huang (‘25) is a junior and an editor of the Blue & Gold. In five years, she hopes to be in college, working on something she’s passionate about. Three of her favorite things are New York City, concerts, and boba.

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