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The official newspaper of Chamblee High School, preserving the past for the future today!

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The official newspaper of Chamblee High School, preserving the past for the future today!

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Water Bottle Wars: Stanley, Owala, or Hydro Flask?

ydney Grove (‘24) showing off her Georgia Thespians water bottle next to Fred Avett flexing his snazzy Contigo bottle Photo Courtesy of Finley Malone

Certain water bottles are currently trending among Chamblee students due to their aesthetic colors and ability to keep water fresh and cold. The current trendiest water bottles are the Stanley, Owala, and Hydro Flask. 

“[Certain water bottles] have their advantages, such as keeping water cold all day and keeping water from being exposed to outside elements,” said Insha Hadwani (‘26).

Many like the Owala for its highly advanced straw system that keeps your water fresh and prevents people from drugging your water, a quality lacking in Stanley cups.

“I love my Owala. I like that it has a closed lid; the Stanleys have straws poking out of nowhere, where people could stick stuff in your drink. I think that the Owala is the best water bottle for this reason,” said Lena Oliver (‘27).

Though many like the Owala water bottle, others find them too easy to break, and therefore, not be the best water bottle.

“I’m not a fan; mine broke, and I didn’t even do anything. The lid just kind of popped off on me. I like the cute colors, but overall, the Owala is just not worth it,” said Kate Lim (‘25).

Lim explained that her favorite water bottle was not the Owala, but the Hydro Flask.

“As you can see, I have a limited edition pink Hydro Flask. I like that it has a straw that flips down to close, so it keeps my water cold and is very sustainable,” said Lim.

Others explained that the Stanley was their favorite water bottle.

“I don’t have a Stanley, but my mom does and her water is always so refreshing,” said London Gibson (‘27).

Some think that the best water bottle is not one of the three trendiest ones. ELA teacher Fred Avett expressed that he is particularly fond of his Contigo water bottle.

“I like it because it’s clear and made of glass instead of plastic, [so] there is no plastic getting out of it and into me. I can see inside, so I know how much water is left in here or whatever it is I’m drinking. It has a screw top so that the mouth of it stays clean. There are no parts I have to take off and clean with a little tiny brush, which I’ve never wanted to do in the first place. And it’s kind of wrapped in this rubberized thing so I can drop it any which way I want to, and it won’t break,” said Avett.

Whichever water bottle you like and own, it is important to know that many are successful in doing exactly what you pay for them to do: hold your water. Even though certain water bottles trend at different times, the overall features of water bottles are not incredibly diverse.

“Most of the water bottles are the same,” said London Gibson (‘27). “They just look different.”

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Finley Malone
Finley Malone, Staff Writer
Finley Malone (‘26) is a sophomore and Staff Writer of the Blue and Gold. She hopes to be doing super cool college things with super cool college people in 5 years. Her three favorite things are Paint by Numbers, The Office, and her little angel of a cat, Pinkalicious.

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