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The official newspaper of Chamblee High School, preserving the past for the future today!

The official newspaper of Chamblee High School, preserving the past for the future today!

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The official newspaper of Chamblee High School, preserving the past for the future today!

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Sun & Socializing: Senior Spring Break Trips

Rachel McGuinness (‘24), Sophia Wang (‘24), Prisha Umashankar (‘24), and Julia Mansour (‘24) are ready for their Spring Break trip.

With Spring Break less than a week away, Chamblee seniors’ annual tradition of planning a trip of sandy fun continues. The most popular destinations for this year’s trip are little beaches in Florida, including Blue Mountain Beach, Seaside, and Santa Rosa Beach. These three tourist spots are only a golf cart drive from one another, so the soon-to-be graduates are excited to spend time together as a class. 

“I’m looking forward to spending time with all of the seniors before we leave and never see each other again. As a grade, we have not yet done a spring break trip together,” said Sophia Wang (‘24). 

Wang and her friends are renting a house by the beach, which is very common among the senior class.   

“We are going to go to Seaside, and we have a house, [which is] a lot of fun. [We chose Seaside] because a lot of people go there, so we know that there is going to be motion,” said Peter Trammell (‘24).

Some seniors chose against Seaside due to the introduction of curfews on boardwalks and beaches, but those planning to stay there hope to be safe. 

“I do not want to get in trouble, so hopefully we do not do anything too bad to get in trouble because that would be bad,” said Trammell.

Other seniors are anticipating going on a trip without their parents. 

“Me and two other friends are going down to Savannah. This is my first time going on a trip with my friends, so it is more independent and more fun than going with my family,” said Hanna Lin (‘24).

Hawaii, among other tropical islands, would be the dream destination for most seniors, but Lin has a different notion of what hers would be. 

“I would be going to Europe, staying on the beach 24/7, and eating a bunch of pasta. But that is not in the cards right now,” she said. 

When planning a senior trip of your own, the experienced upperclassmen primarily recommend planning early. 

“[Your trip] will be more fun if planned in advance. Make sure you know how you are getting down there, and bring sunscreen if you are going to the beach,” said Prisha Umashankar (‘24). 

Luke Williams (‘24) also recommends looking over your group’s plan on your own.

“Do not have any of your [foolish] friends look over [your plan], or you are going to end up without a golf cart because your friend did not actually read the [booking],” he said. 

Whether or not the upperclassmen are living out their dream senior trip, they agree that this vacation will be different from previous spring breaks. 

“I normally go to places like the Caribbean or Mexico with my family, but I’m excited to go on a trip with my friends,” said Sutton Feaster (‘24). “I am excited to just be in the sun and at the beach with them.”

To seniors, Spring Break marks the conclusion of high school; it’s the final week off before the month-long stretch prior to graduation on May 11. 

“I feel sad because Spring Break makes me think about the future, and I don’t want to think about the future,” said Andrew Cole (‘24).

For some seniors, however, this spring break is just like any other. 

“It’s just a break,” said Dempsey Allers (‘24). “I guess I’m kind of sad, but there’s still gonna be other spring breaks, so it’s not that bad.”

That being said, each Chamblee senior is taking advantage of their final Spring Break in different ways. 

“Currently, I don’t have any significant plans, but I know that I’m probably going to go on a small three-day trip with some of my friends to the mountains,” said Daniel Luo (‘24). “I definitely realize that our time together with a lot of our friends is very limited now, so I want to try to hang out with as many people as possible.”

Many seniors have the same idea as Luo, planning trips strictly to be surrounded by their current friends. 

“The fact it’s my last trip with my high school friends is kind of what’s bumming me out, but I can’t wait to make new friends,” said Gates. 

On the other hand, many seniors are using the upcoming break to go on a final high school family trip.  

“For the second half of the week, I’m going somewhere in the mountains with my family. I also want to spend time with my family, so we’re gonna take a little family trip,” said Alissa Mckinzey (‘24).

Some seniors feel unbothered by the conclusiveness of this spring break and will use it to explore a new place rather than focusing on spending time with familiar people. 

“I’m going to Sedona, Arizona, because it’s pretty, and I wanted to go with my parents,” said Allers.

A family-oriented spring break removes much of the pressure to make the most of senior spring break. 

“I feel like if I were going on my family vacation with friends, I would feel pressure to make this the best spring break, but I don’t really,” said Cole. 

There is an aspect of risk that comes with so many teenagers all vacationing in the same place—namely, Florida beaches.

“Honestly, I’m more stressed not to get in trouble this spring break,” said Gates. “But I feel no pressure to make this my best one. My college ones are definitely going to be top-tier.”

For most ‘24 students, college is right around the corner, so they’ll have four more spring breaks to fill with excitement. 

“I mean, it’s a bit sad knowing this is our last spring break, but I know there’s more in college, and they are probably going to be even more fun,” said Luo. “I think college spring break will be way better because we’ll have more freedom, and I can travel to places by myself.”

Unlike senior spring break, most of the planning for college trips is separate from adult influences.

“College spring break is going to be a lot more independent. I feel like if we go out-of-state, we don’t really have to care about what our parents think,” said Mckinzey.

College spring breaks are typically earlier than high schools’, creating an issue of colder temperatures. 

“College spring break is different weeks than high school spring break, so I feel like it’ll probably be worse,” said Cole. 

Even with college to look forward to, senior spring break has a reputation of being seniors’ favorite high school vacation. 

“I had a good spring break last year, and I’m just looking to have another good spring break. It will probably be more fun in college though,” said Mckinzey. 

Regardless of vacation plans, spring break ultimately provides seniors with a much-needed break. 

“I’m just looking forward to not having school,” said Allers. 

While many seniors will spend their time surrounded by a variety of people and places, they now also have time to spend on enjoyable activities they don’t have time for during school. 

“I’m probably most excited for wearing my swimsuit and taking swimsuit pictures,” said Gates. 

Others are determined to be productive, using their time off to set themselves up for success in the final month of school. 

“I feel like it should be better than some previous years’ spring breaks,” said Luo. “I’m kind of behind on schoolwork right now. I need to use that time to catch up, and it’s also a good time to hang out with people.” 

Given their early graduation date, seniors must complete the rest of their school-related activities in the time after break. 

“I’m not looking forward to the months after spring break because I’ve got all my AP tests after graduation, which is stupid,” said Cole.

For some seniors, the last month of high school is the most overwhelming.

“The month after is when all the exams start coming up, and we have dual enrollment exams, AP exams, and finals at school. It’s going to be really stressful,” said Lou.

For others, however, this month is simply their last few weeks of high school.

“I think the weeks after Spring Break are supposed to be pretty easy school-wise,” said Allers. 

There are many other students just as anxiously anticipating graduation. 

“I’m really looking forward to everything after Spring Break because then, I’m going to go, I’m going to leave and walk across the stage, and I’m not going to look back ever again,” said Gates.

Senior spring break cues a sense of finality; it’s the final chapter before everyone heads off to new adventures. 

“I’m ready for it to be over,” said Mckinzey. “It’s a little sad, but I’m ready.”

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