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The official newspaper of Chamblee High School, preserving the past for the future today!

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The official newspaper of Chamblee High School, preserving the past for the future today!

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CHS Seniors are Ready to Risk it All for Reality Shows

Image by Emmy Williams
Image by Emmy Williams

Undeniably, reality television shows are everywhere, but where do their contestants come from? Might any future reality show contestants be walking the halls of Chamblee right now? The answer is yes, at least until graduation rolls around in May.

Seniors at Chamblee seem to be enthusiastic about the idea of going on a reality show, specifically survival and romance shows.

“I’d go on The Bachelor,” said Mackenzie Cassidy (‘24). “I think it would be an interesting experience, and it would be really fun. Especially if the bachelor was hot.”

Other students expressed similar sentiments, adding that being on a reality show would also propel them into the spotlight.

“Sometimes I watch The Bachelor, not often, but I definitely keep up with it on TikTok. I would so apply to be on that show,” said Gabby Mayes (‘24). “It’s such a fun experience, and it’s a once in a lifetime thing, too. Also, you get clout, which I would really appreciate.”

However, there are downsides to these romance shows, specifically when it comes to finding “real” love and saving your public reputation.

“I like Love is Blind, but I would never do it,” said Nadia Cho (‘24). “I feel like love is not blind, and the whole show just seems kinda fake to me. Also, usually after going on a love show, all the contestants are absolutely flamed on Twitter. I do participate in the flaming on Twitter, so I wouldn’t want to be on the other end of that.”

Seniors Myles Thomas and Julius Miller, on the other hand, have their sights set on a different kind of show.

“If we went on The Amazing Race, we would win. 100%,” said Miller. “That would be such a cool show to be on, because you get to travel all across the world doing adventures.”

Thomas agreed, adding that “We’d crush it.”

Seemingly, some students are less inclined to participate in more intense survival shows. 

Survivor? No. I can’t do that,” said Thomas.

Other students agreed.

“I’d get way too competitive. They’d have to bleep out everything I said,” said Cassidy.

Some, however, would be more than willing to relinquish the comforts of modern life in exchange for a stick hut.

“I love watching Naked and Afraid, it’s just really funny,” said Cho. “I feel like I could lowkey win it. You just have to survive for a set amount of time. All I would have to do is set up a little fortress made of sticks and leaves, find a water source, and boil the water or something, then I’d be good. Easy.”

Sadly, there are some shows that CHS seniors can only dream to be on.

“I love watching 1000 Pound Sisters,” said Mayes. “Obviously, I can’t be on that show, though. You know why.”

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