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A Whole New World… Lit Teacher

Marley Brock

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The 2016-17 school year has been a wild ride for sophomore world literature students. After former teacher Jennie Green’s abrupt mid-semester retirement, a varying lineup of substitutes, and a semester full of Greek mythology, Dr. Holly Isserstedt is here to save the day.

Isserstedt will be the permanent teacher for the five classes left teacherless following Green’s sudden departure. Although the transition felt a bit awkward for students, the mid-year entrance actually eased the process for her.

“Since I was the only one transitioning, it made it a little bit easier,” said Isserstedt. “Instead of transitioning with all the students and all the new teachers it was just me. So in some ways, that was good.”

Isserstedt brings a wide range of teaching experience in Georgia; she has taught various Advanced Placement classes throughout metro Atlanta for almost two decades.

“Last semester I was teaching in Cobb County, before that I was at Mount Pisgah in John’s Creek and before that I was at Peachtree Ridge in Gwinnett County,” said Isserstedt. “I’ve never taught tenth grade before; I have taught AP Psychology, AP Literature, and AP [Language] for the past seventeen years.”

She has two nine-year-old children named Baylor and Emily, three Golden Retrievers, and a wide variety of hobbies.

“I like to swim, and run, and do home improvement projects,” said Isserstedt, “and I’ve recently gotten into stand-up paddleboarding. That’s my new fascination, I guess. And I like photography, too.”

Isserstedt loves Junior Mints and is “pretty much addicted” to coffee. She offers time-tested — but still accurate — advice to students in her classes.

“I think making it a practice not to procrastinate in my class is probably a good idea. It’s easy to get overwhelmed,” said Isserstedt.

Beyond just school, she encourages everyone to make the most of every day.

“Try as hard as you can to live in the present,” said Isserstedt. “None of us are promised another day, so it kinda helps to get the most out of this life that you can, because none of us are getting out of this alive.”

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