Administration Holds Down the Fort During Summer Months

Camille Crumbley, Staff writer

By Camille Crumbley
At the end of the year, students leave Chamblee High School and spend just over two months away from school. Little do they, the administration stays behind to prepare for the following school year.
Administration work four day week and ten hour days during the summer.
“We do have modified school hours in the summer time,” said Assistant Principal Cindy Mosley. “Eight to four, eight to five…. We’ve had Fridays off and had to work ten hour days instead of an eight hour day to make up for Friday off.”
DeKalb County School District implemented the Go Green Method to keep teacher “off the street” on Friday. They conserve gas and save a trip to work.
During the summer only the bookkeeper; four assistant principals: Candace Steadman, Cindy Mosley, Gail Barnes, and Shervette Miller-Payton; head counselor, Tinikia Jones; and all the custodial staff are here.
The custodial staff does general maintenance around the building.
“[During the summer we] strip and wax floors, move furniture, paint, dust, and that’s pretty much it,” said custodian Mr. Mike. “[We clean] top to bottom.”
Students are only allowed into the building if they need something such as legal forms.
“A lot of students are getting their learner’s permit, their driver’s license and may need the ADAP certificate or certificate of enrollment, so we’re here for general needs.
Students can be here for sports. Most fall teams are here including football, cross country, softball, volleyball, and band, all conditioning and practicing drills for their upcoming season.
“It can be a pain to have to come to the school that often during the summer and workout and practice, but I love the sport and need to be able to play well and help my team during the fall,” said sophomore Sydney Murray. “The workout is not so bad either.”
While the staff is here, they review rules and regulations from the past school year as well as work on both the student and teacher handbook.
“We review what worked, what didn’t work and get together as an administrative team to figure out what can we improve,” said Mosley, “We’re always seeking improvement. We do look further into all of our rules we have in place. I know the students have talked about the dress code, so we do revisit the dress code.”
They decide if they would like to continue with what they had in place last year or implement new programs to benefit the students both socially and academically. But, Mosley claims they could really do all their work in two days instead of in the amount of time they’re required to be at school.